Saturday, November 22, 2008


I didnt make it through the week without a binge.

Now I could spend the next 3 -4 paragraphs analysing it all and bore you all to tears or I could just say "yep I slipped up and I ate some stuff that I shouldnt have (but I did REALLY enjoy it LOL)" Am I gonna kick myself over it and beat myself up over it? You know what? The answer is NO.

I have a long journey ahead of me and the road wont be smooth travelling all the way. There will be times when I make bad choices for whatever reason but when I do its important that I pick myself up and keep going. And thats what I'm focussing on now.

Yesterday was FAR from ideal and even today was not 100% back on track but I'm looking forward to a better day tomorrow and then another after that and then another etc. I might make it past my week 3 curse next time around and if not then it might be the time after that. I know I wont give up trying though.

Thanks to everybody who has offered their support and encouragement this week. It has helped me immensely (even with yesterday's events). You live and learn and if you apply what you learnt the next time around then you keep moving closer to your goals.

Sounds ok to me.

:-) Magda


Lisa said...

A weekly cheat meal is a valid part of a nutritional plan. The change in metabolism created by hitting your body after a week or 2 of tight nutrition should cause a fat loss drop a few days later.

Your body needs these treats - you did the right thing, and I suggest you do this very 7-14 days.


little rene said...

I was going to say EXACTLY what Lisa said!

Don't worry about it, you have actually hewlped yourself! LOL!

Anonymous said...

My question to you is did you get further then you have in the past Magda?

Magda said...

Hi Lisa and Rene,

I have emailed Liz about a similar issue as what you describe and I've suggested a strategy that I think will help me avoid binging but allow me the one food that I absolutely love - every so often and with no guilt and no regrets. Just trying to find what works for me to lose the bodyt fat BUT not feel like I can NEVER enjoy one of my fave foods.

Lia, I got to about the same point. Almost 3 weeks but not quite by a few days. I have however thought of a strategy that might help me avoid binging in future. Just need to discuss it with Liz and get her opinion.

Thanks guys


Anonymous said...

I didn't mean weeks, I mean what day. Did you make it to the same day, or fall a day short compared to the last time? Or don't you know?

Michelle said...

To me a binge is mindless eating... you didn't mindlessly eat if you REALLY ENJOYED it. Sometimes I eat something because it's my favourite thing, and I really enjoy it and for that I don't feel bad. Othertimes I start to eat something I thought I'd really enjoy and after a bight or 2 I realise it's not giving me the pleasure I had hoped, so I stop. Other, othertimes, I stand in front of the pantry, stare into the abys with a garbage disposal unit for a mouth (I've eaten something off-plan so I may as well keep at it)... that's binging; and the time when I should feel embarrased.
I've decided it's not WHAT you're eating, it's WHY you're eating it. The WHY can change mid-meal even. As in mmm this taste really good, hmm I'm getting full but this is tasty, darn I'm full but I don't know when I'll get to eat this again. The WHY can apply to your chicken salad too; if you're eating it for punishment due to the prev. meal it's not nice, if you're eating it because it makes you feel healthy it's a different thing again.
Sorry, long and rambly.
Don't ever give up on yourself.