Thursday, November 06, 2008


Faced a challenge today and WON!!

I was at a workshop this morning and had been quite hungry for some time. At 11am a huge platter of muffins, biscuits and warm Danish pastries filled with fruit and custard arrived for morning tea ... excuse me while I wipe my salivating mouth ....OMG I love this stuff!! So I got up and went to the toilet and by the time I got back the platter was at the other end of the table (breathing a huge sigh of relief). I got out my Slim Secrets bar and ate that instead. Thats one for me. Mind you the platter ended up back near me and then I had about 30 minutes of smelling the muffins but I kept telling myself "we're nearly finished and I can go soon". I hung on and didnt give in to the muffins.

I also had to buy a part of my lunch today and that can also be a risky situation for me as I set out planning to get healthy food but by the time I get to the shops I've convinced myself that its ok to have what I REALLY want which is usually something crappy instead. Not today. I chose the best looking salad (roasted vegetables with a yummy dressing that had a bit of fat in it) and had that with low fat cottage cheese and corn thins.

So on Day 3 I can report:

Food on track: tick
Training completed: tick
Cardio completed: tick
Feeling: even keeled emotionally and in control.

One more step closer to my goal.

I was going to write a thoughtful post of stuff going on inside my head but its late and I need to sleep.

Til tomorrow folks.



Jehanne said...

lol - I love smelling the food, its my way of almost tasting it without the bad side effects - I love walking past brumbys and (my favourite) the baked pretzel shop - and just taking a deep breathe of it all!!!!!!!! I am such a sadist, I know. Kudos to you!!!!!!!! xo

stephmd said...

Great Win Magda!
thanks for the inspiration- ive got to go to a meeting now and beat down some muffins :S

Michelle said...

Fantastic effort Magda.

Splice said...

FAbulous Mags!! Well done, i'm proud of you. Gosh your on fire and highly motivated and it just rubbed off on me so thanks!!!

Kimmy said...

Way to go Magna - guess we have been having the same challenges :)

Magda said...

Oh Jeh thats sheer torture. I avoid those places as much as I can. I literally end up drooling over the produce and its NOT a good look.

Steph I recommend going to the toilet as a great deviation from the platter doing the round of the table. Its a tough call though.

Thanks Michelle and Deb. Its early days but geez I want to make this work.

Yes Kimmy although you had a full day of them. After my 2 eposodes I was in the clear for the rest of the day.