Friday, November 07, 2008

WHY .....

Why is it that on a Friday near the end of the workday my mind automatically switches into the "gee I'd love a few glasses of wine and some nice nibbles (like roasted almonds, cheese and crackers or maybe one of those yummy chunky dips) and a relaxed dinner (read that: dirty food!!)?"

Why is it that on this same day I feel hungrier than usual which just gets my appetite firing?

Why is it that when I do eat my (clean) dinner, I feel like I could eat 3 x as much as usual?

Is TTOM around the corner?

Is my Inner Fat Girl (who right now is not so inner) trying to take control of the I Want to be Lean, Toned and Fit Girl?

That may be an affirmative to all of the above.

So I deal with this by:

1. Eating a raw carrot while I prepare dinner, as opposed to stuffing down Coon cheese, pretzels, nuts by the handful or whatever other rubbish I can get my hands on and

2. Telling the Inner Fat Girl to get the %&$* out of my life.

At the end of the day I'm so happy that I stayed in control, on plan and kept moving towards my goal.

Me happy!! So on that note its time to hit the sack.



Kek said...

Way to go, Magda - give that bitch a BIG smack-down.

Our IFGs must be twins, because I have those same feelings on a Friday night. Or maybe it's just old bad habits...

Magda said...

Yes Kek I reckon we've both clocked up several years of the old bad habits and so they rear their ugly heads every so often. Tests us, doesnt it??

Alison said...

Just catching up on blogs I just love "Is my Inner Fat Girl trying to take control of the I Want to be Lean, Toned and Fit Girl" HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!


Magda said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Alison

:-) Magda