Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today I attended one of the ugliest and most difficult meetings in my several years of project management experience. This was a group of medium to high level professional people but the behaviour of a couple of individuals was appalling. I was not the subject of their attack (lord help me if it had been me) but I felt most uncomfortable being present to witness the goings-on. My Director (who was chairing this meeting) had her work cut out for her but she did a fabulous job of reigning in the situation and getting the meeting back on somewhat solid ground. I was shell-shocked afterwards.

I dont want my blog to be about work though so I will only say that another pressure day had me pining for that wine-relief which I so felt I deserved. But I didnt give in to Wendy the Wino and then I receieved a really encouraging email from Liz which helped to strengthen my resolve that little bit more. Tomorrow will test me even more as I have:

1. Unit lunch to farewell Miss R who's last day is tomorrow.
2. Farewell drinks after work for Miss R.
3. Friday night with WH where I like to have a wine while we chew the weekly fat.

So 3 occassions at which I'd like to drink. I think my pick will be a wine after work and then one with WH. The rest of the weekend will have to be dry.

Training is going well. Ticking off all my workouts.
Food is under control.
Sleep could be better but is not serious yet.
Emotionally I'm still in a good place despite the work challenges I'm facing.
Pretty happy with these things overall.




Kek said...

Youre kicking goals, Magda! Hmm, perhaps Wendy the Wino has moved house and is now possessing me? I've been a lot more liberal with the vino lately. :o(

Hang in there on the work front - the stress can't last forever.

Top End Girl said...

Hi Magda, Although we like to think that we can keep work stresses at bay, unfortunately they are a big part of our lives and tend to dominate. Congrats on your decisions and compromise and looking at the longer term. Essie

Magda said...

Hey Kek,

you're facing some major stresses too!! Work might be a bit full-on but at the end of the day I'm paying one mortgage and know where I'll be living until I choose to go elsewhere. So I'll pull my head in and just get on with it. BTW Wendy gets around a fair bit even though she's been living at my place for a long time. I'm trying hard to evict her.

Hi Essie,thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I'm pretty determined to achieve my goals this time and that means some sacrifices and looking at the longer term and not just the next 5minutes of pleasure or comfort that food or wine can bring. Its all another learning experience.