Sunday, November 16, 2008


WH was out at a golf clinic all morning but I managed to get in a 50 minute walk before he left and then I added 10 minutes on my trusty old exercise bike. What a great start to the day.

After breakfast I got stuck into housework and some of my spring cleaning jobs. Neither is high on my list of things I like to do but when my house is tidy and clean I'm a happier person. I like to start the week with a clean and tidy kitchen, bathrooms and floors and then I can watch it all dirty up as the week goes by :-)

I'm really pleased that I got through another weekend by eating well (hitting the targets Liz set for me) and doing some effective training. I stayed within my wine limit and wasnt even phased by WH having beer/wine and nibbles before dinner while I just had a Diet Coke. Our Chinese BBQed pork was superb and healthy too. There are left-overs for during the week so we'll be enjoying it again in a couple of days time (might be a good time to take pics of it). What a far cry from previous weekends where I'd have 3-4 glasses of wine on Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday too. Oh and lets not forget all the nibbly foods that go with the wine before dinner. I shudder to think of the calories, fat and carbs that I was consuming. Is it any wonder my weight crept up so high??!!

So here I am about to start Week 3 which previously has been my "danger-zone". This is usually where I drop my bundle and find some excuse, justification or unavoidable situation where I just have to eat what I want and make sure I get way too much of it because I've been so deprived. Then the "oh I've blown my diet so I might as well have whatever I want from here on" mentality sets in and I take myself back to square one. I have been my own worst enemy over and over again in the past. Can I break that negative cycle now??



Skye said...

Yes you can do it!!!!!!!!
And you will!!!!! have a great week,

Jehanne said...


Michelle said...

You can do it!!

Raechelle said...

Yes-I agree with the other comments-you can do seem to have found a good head space-We're all behind you!

Lia Halsall said...

Being prepared and aware is half the battle won Magda. One meal at a time one day at a tine, that's all you need to foucs on here. :o) xxx

Cheryl D said...

Yes I think you can. Remember we are all here to cheer you on!

ss2306 said...

It's not "can I".

It's "I will".

Positive thinking all the way.

The old thinking of "all or nothing" is no longer in your vocabulary. You just have to keep practising moderation with a little bit here and there or even every day if you need to like I do. Each time you do this you are reconnecting a broken wire in your brain and building on the balance and moderation mindset.

Believe in yourself as others believe in you Magda.

Looking forward to reading about your fabulous week.

Magda said...

Thanks guys for your support and encouragement. It will really spur me on

:-) Magda