Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hi all,

So what was good today?

Training!! After a day off track I usually find that my overall motivation wavers, the excuses take over and training gets ditched. It almost happened this morning until Ireminded myself of the feel-good endorphins that would flood my body when I finished my training session. I did legs and abs as planned and it was just the right start to the day.

And what was bad?

My difficult HR issue at work took an unexpected turn for the worse. I'm now in a bad situation which could impact negatively on my personal life. I cant see a way out but have made time to speak to somebody about it before I take action. I'm hoping that an impartial viewpoint will help me find the right answer. Its eating away at me and at one stage today I could feel my stomach physically churning over this. (Fingers crossed that the churning was the worry worms feasting on my body fat - LOL)

So that leaves the in-between .....

Food today was OK. After an over-eating bonanza like yesterday I think the best remedy is to eat clean but only eat when you are hungry. If its a normal meal time but there are no signs of hunger then wait. When your body wants food, then feed it rather than stuffing more in when it clearly doesnt need it. I know some people disagree with this and advocate "just get back to normal eating as soon as possible" but I find myself eating out of habit then , rather than hunger. Anyway thats my opinion ... for what its worth. So food was OK as we all ate the same dinner tonight (unheard of in our household!!) which was lean beef meatballs, tomato and vegetable based sauce with pasta and a little parmy cheese. I kept my pasta serve very small and WH and I also had a large fresh tossed salad. Not too bad me thinks and BS ate pretty much the same as us so that was big win.

I guess the best thing about today was that despite the slip-up yesterday and despite the stress of my work issue, I DIDNT resort to eating more junk for whatever stupid reason. That is a big step forward for me :-)

Cheers all



Antigone said...

Good on you for not caving in hun :)


Magda said...

Hey Em,

welcome back. Long time no blog!! Its nice to hear from you

:-) Magda

Nic said...

Hi Magda,

I can certainly relate to your work HR issues. I look after 40 people and most of the problems at work are all to do with people. because it involves people you seem to worry so much more about it. your idea about getting some impartial advice is a good one. sometimes just talking over the situation with someone else helps to clear your own head. Good luck with it.
Scales are evil. I find they either go down and you wanted them to go down more....not happy or they go up...not happy. you just can't win so it makes sense to stop. I only weigh myself a couple of times a month now when I am feeling good and that seems to be ok.

Magda said...

Hey Nic,

thanks for dropping by. This work issue is a doozy. My husband also works in government and my issue impacts (negatively!!) on him. NOT GOOD. Need to break the news soon. It wont be pretty!!

And agree totally about the scales. More often than not they are the enemy so best not to give them too much of a chance to exert their negative influenece.

:-) Magda