Thursday, October 23, 2008

-1 ....

..... kilo this week. Yippee :-) I’m starting to notice small changes for the better and this is encouraging. I can’t wait til more of my clothes fit. My wardrobe is so limited because I hate shopping when I’m fatter. Clothes never look or feel as good and I keep telling myself that the fatness is temporary so why waste money on stuff that soon won’t fit me. Sometimes the “soon” is not as soon as I’d like but my thinking never changes. So fatter = limited wardrobe.

I especially can’t wait to fit back into my nice jeans. I think they are a (largish) size 11 but I love how they look and feel on. The only jeans I have now are just FUGLY but they were bought in desperation when I reluctantly had to spend money on a bigger pair. I will happily donate them to a worthy charity as soon as I can.

Knocked off my legs and abs session nicely this morning with some increases in weights and/or reps on all exercises. I’m having some postural issues, which are making some exercises more challenging than usual. Nothing that can’t be worked around or fixed I’m sure, so I’m not stressing about it. I’m just making allowance for all this in the interim.

Food continues to be good. Getting very low on veges at home but Saturday is the big replenishment day. The fridge will be groaning then with almost 2 weeks supply stuffed in there. I love a fridge full of veges when there is variety galore and meals are that much more interesting. WH gets a bit tired of salads so its good to be able to offer a few different types.

This Saturday I’ll venture back to Australian Muscle to buy my must-have supps. I haven’t been there since a year ago so I bet they’ll be surprised to see me. I went to school with Kim (the owner) and I feel proud going there because it makes a positive statement about the life I’ve chosen. Back in my high school days nobody would have thought that one day I’d be a figure competitor. I love surprising people or proving them wrong.

Roll on Friday and the weekend.




Kek said...

Yay for a kg down, Magda!

I'm with ya on the fugly jeans...nothing makes you feel better than wearing something that you know you look hot,hot, HOT in - and fugly jeans are definitely not it!

stephmd said...

well done!
im going to quote you from this post about actions- 'making a positive statement about the life ive chosen' .. love it! i think this is even more important than the kilo!

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Magda
AWWESOMMMMEEE! Wahoo! jumping up and down with joy for you.
PS - mystery coach is.........Liz! Thought I may as well go with one of the best! It has amazed me in one week, how she knew exactly what would happen. Yep she knows her shit!

Magda said...

Oh Kek how I'm looking forward to looking hot, hot, HOT!! Still luke-warm but working on it.

Thanks Steph, I feel quite chuffed now (blushing slightly)

:-) Doris. Stay tuned!!