Tuesday, October 21, 2008


If there's one thing I hate, its when work interferes with your health and fitness goals. I mean, just having to show up 5 days a week takes such a big chunk of time out of your life. Time when you could be doing important things like training and preparing healthy and nutritious food. To fit everything in like travel, a decent work day and more travel, we leave at 7.30 in the morning and often get home around 6 in the evening. So to fit training in around this, I'm up at 5 and then in bed by 10 (on most nights). This is hardly my "ideal life" but seeing as this affords me my nice lifestyle, I better suck it up and just make it work.

Why this whingy post?? Because today I was in back-to-back-meetings from 9.30 til 1pm. I had 2 bites of a Musashi SLM bar around 11 am and that was all since breakfast at 7am. So how did I feel at 1pm? Very cold. Beyond hunger - I'm sure my stomach was digesting itself LOL. And cranky!!

I'm actually not cranky now - believe it or not - but I wanted to get this off my chest and share my gripe with you all.

Now onto the happier side of my life. I trained upper body this morning and had the lovely leaden arms feeling at the end of it. Will likely have some chest DOMS again as that is where I get it the most. Food has been good (apart from too long without it) and I'm currently enjoying lots of tabbouli, legumes, diet yogurt, low fat cottage cheese and snow peas, amongst other nice stuff. My protein intake would be moderate and carbs a little higher than ideal for body fat loss but I'm not getting all strict and hung up on it now. There'll be time for that down the track LOL.

Head space is good so success is likely to follow.

:-) Magda


Carolyn said...

I'm hearing you on the meeting front Magda, I have those days too, where it's just meeting after meeting....totally non-productive, but ridiculously tiring too.

I do the getring up a ridiculous time just to get training in - for me it's 4.45am, and I get home usually around 6.15pm after getting back there again after work (for cardio). Like you, I just suck it up and get on with it. No point complaining, I know I make the choise.

BTW, the answer to your question you left for me is yes. I am one of the 'post comp' crew!!

Pip said...

Hi Magda,

I'm hearing ya too! I work anything from 10-12-14 hours plus a day, (on a salary so no overtime etc). With being manager at where I'm at I'm to make sure everyone gets their half hour break a day. But we are pushed, and while I start at 5am average, it is often 2pm till I get a chance to eat, and it's often a quick scoff! I hate it when we are so flat out, even too much to break for 30 secs and walk to fridge to grab some water and take a few big gulps.

Its just about doing our best hey! Great work!


stephmd said...

lol, silly full time work getting in the way of our 'figure lifestyles'!! I always say that Magda- how lucky one would be to only have to worry about getting the meals and and training in, ahhh ;)
sounds like you are enjoying some good clean food there, great work

Magda said...

Hi Carloyn, sounds like we have a lot in common. (No wonder I enjoy your blog).

Hey Pip, ditto for you - although my day isnt that bad. I would absolutely DIE without food for that long. You would nt want to be near me, thats for sure.

Yes Steph, the battle between work and the ideal figure lifestyle continues. Sadly work is winning coz it pays more. Well it actually pays for the figure lifestyle so perhaps I should view it as friend and not foe.

:-) Magda