Friday, October 17, 2008


Heehee what a funny title but it describes very well how I feel.

This week I lost 2.3kgs. Now before you all cheer, this is normal for me. In the first week of clean eating after a bit of an indulgent time, I drop this amount easily. Its mainly water, bloat etc but I feel smaller and less bloaty so thats what counts - not the number on the scale.

Work was madly, crazy busy but I'm slowly starting to put the many pieces of the puzzle together and am feeling on top of (at least some) things there. I've not had many moments like this up til now so things are looking up. Having said all that, I've tried hard to not get stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated by work as those emotions often have me running for comfort food and when I start, I just cant get enough of it.

Training has been to plan. A mix of weights and cardio and a day off today. My plan is to train Saturday to Thursday and then have Friday off. After a week of getting up at 5, its nice to not set my alarm on a Friday. Its like a treat at the end of the week. The lower body DOMS has eased off and the upper body DOMS is mild. All ready for a cardio session tomorrow morning.

But the best thing about my day was tonight.

Normally WH and I would get home from work and we would open a bottle of wine or even worse, have drinks before opening the wine. The nibbly snacks would come out - (lots of) nuts, sometimes a small packet of chips, maybe cheese and crackers, rarely anything in moderate proportions. And we hoe into these with our drinks and chat away. Then we have dinner and continue on the wine. Sometimes dinner is clean and healthy but often its not and I ALWAYS eat til I'm really full. I've never logged these meals but I'm sure I would cringe at the calories, fat and alcohol consumed.

So why was tonight great?

I limited myself to 2 glasses of wine. 1 before dinner and one with my meal. WIN

Before dinner I had a small amount of raw peanuts in the shell. Cleaning them made me eat MUCH less than just shovelling in nuts by the handful. WIN

Dinner was superbly lean, clean and healthy: swordfish kebabs marinated in a little olive oil, lemon juice, continental parsly, oregano, cumin, smoked paprika and garlic. Then skewered with red onion, red capsicum and zucchini. Served with a tzatziki style sauce made with low fat natural yogurt, finley chopped cucumber, coriander and garlic. I also made my own tabbouli as I had continental parsly growing like mad which needed picking. My tabbouli was dressed just with freshly squeezed lemon juice. It was all really delicious and healthy too. WIN

And finally, I ate 2 of my kebabs with all the accompaniments and was satisfied so I left the last one for lunch tomorrow. Can you believe it???

My goodness, I may just have it in me to get this eating thing right!!

Cheers all



little rene said...

Congratulations Magda! I can hear the joy in this post and it made me smile for you :)

Lisa said...

Hi Magda
I dont comment much, but I'm always here reading your blog, sharing your highs and lows. Just thought I should let you know!

Nic said...

Hi Magda, good luck with your next phase. Getting things right is so hard...I am still trying too.

Magda said...

Thanks Rene. I am feeling pretty good at the moment :-)

Hi Lisa, I'm much the same - often zipping through blogs and not commenting as often as I'd like.

Thanks Nic. I have to work really hard at getting things right but I'm determined to do it. Good luck to you also. Let us know when you return to blogging.

Cheers all