Saturday, October 11, 2008


So there I was - the woman who had dieted, lost and regained weight more times than I could ever possibly count throughout my life - taking on one of my life's biggest challenges. But there was a fire in my belly and a very quiet determination to succeed. I had looked at my wonderful and charmed life and realised that I had rarely been tested. But along with never being tested was a feeling that I had never "achieved" either. Being over 40 and realising that I didnt have another 20 or so years to think about it, I decided that I wasnt going to die wondering "what if".

However 2006 wasnt to be my year. Not long after I had made the decision to compete in Figure, circumstances had us preparing to move back to Adelaide (much to my delight). With the move likely to be in September I knew that I couldnt handle the dieting, training and orgainising everything needed for the move (including selling our Brisbane house and buying a house in Adelaide). Com prep went on the backburner. The time was not right.

But I used the time to research how I would train for the comp. From reading all the blogs I had a reasonable idea of what was required but I didnt want to go it alone. So based on the outstanding work he had done with Deb (Splice), Lia, Alicia, Katie (Spartze) and others, I chose Josh Dickinson (Physique Essentials) to train me. Before signing on with Josh and committing the money for the training , my WH made one profound comment to me. "Make it count" and those words often kept me going through the tougher times (of which there were many).

So in November 2006 I began my journey with Josh and what a ride it was. I can honestly say that it was a rollercoatser ride of emotions, energy levels, training intensity and commitment to dieting. There were highs and there were lows. There were tears and there were celebrations. There was a real love / hate happening but I was hooked. I even rememeber a few months into the prep (I prepped for 11 months in total) loving it so much that I had already set some long term competing goals and I hadnt even been on stage once.

Oh to just get up on stage .....

To be continued.


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