Thursday, October 16, 2008


So you all know that I've had a difficult year. I havent won many of the struggles I've faced. My actions have not aligned with my goals. My headspace has just been SCREWED for a lot of the time. But deep down I knew that the tide would turn, the burning desire would be back and that once again I would be moving towards the things I want to achieve. Not just to compete again but other personal things too.

Quietly and without anyone knowing, I was making enquiries about how best to achieve my gaol when the right time came (City 2 Bay had to be done first as that also was an important goal for me). I thought about things over and over and am really happy with my upcoming plan.

I acknowledge that once again I have a long journey ahead of me. There is a lot of body fat to be burnt off before I'm lean enough to stand confidently on stage. There is literally tons of weights to be lifted before my muscles return and hopefully, surpass their previuos size. There is a lot of emotional work to be done to change my beliefs about myself, my thinking about food and diet, my handling of stress, boredom, frustration and other negative emotions. But deep down I know its time to change and I've accepted that and have already started to do some small things differently.

After coming back from holidays I found it hard to get my diet back in order. A few more days of poor food choices and too little exercise saw the scales register my 2nd all time highest weight (a smidge off my highest ever which was after 3 months of overseas travel and eating ANYTHING I wanted).

But then last Saturday the brakes went on and my eating has been pretty good. I'm not weighing or measuring food and I'm not recording or tracking everything I eat. I'm just making better choices at each meal and snack time. I'm drinking enough water and have cut right back on the alcohol. I've trained every day since Sunday alternating cardio with weights and just alternating a brisk walk with a walk/jog session. Weights is just lower body and upper body work for 3 sessions a week. I have SERIOUS lower body DOMS (again!!). Small steps to begin a long journey. But as long as I keep taking them I know I'll make it.

WH is on my side and that means a lot to me. We had a great honest discussion while on holidays and I'm feeling positive about the year of prep I have ahead of me. Things may go a bit skewiff as the comp gets closer but deep down I know its all good and we will be fine. I have a couple of small details to sort out over the next week or 2 and then its all systems go in November.

Eleven months and counting. I hope you enjoy sharing my journey with me.




Charlotte Orr said...

Look forward to following your journey Magda. Sounds like you have made some great changes in the last week.

stephmd said...

You are off to a fabulous start Magda :) I'm going to be working hard and counting down the next 11 mths right along with you :)

Splice said...

Well done Mags! I'm so happy you have decided to do this and I look forward to following and supporting you along the way.
Deb xx

Magda said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate your nice comments.

:-) Magda