Wednesday, October 22, 2008


There's something just a little delicious about Wednesday evening - and no its not a secret dessert that I'm devouring LOL - as we get over that weekly hump. Woohoo. Lets enjoy the downhill slide into the weekend.

Tracking well this week despite challenges I've written about in earlier posts. I spent this morning chained to my desk preparing reports for our new CE. As I'm still a relative newbie in this job, it took me ages to find all the information and pull it together. I finished just ahead of my deadline only to find another (blasted) template requiring another lot of reporting. EEEEEEEK. Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste. Edit. Submit. However I did make time to eat my morning snack - multigrain corn thins, low fat cottage cheese and snow peas from our garden. But by lunchtime I needed to get out, breath fresh air and MOVE.

This morning's training was cardio and I did my favourite session of walking one song and then jogging one song. This is so easy to maintain for a longer time as I dont get bored or too worn out or too cruisy. By the end of 45 minutes I feel like I've worked quite hard but if I had to go for an hour I certainly could. Tomorrow is lower body + abs and then I get a sleep in on Friday.

Gee I'm a bit lost for what else to post so rather than waffle on about nothing I'll bid you all good night.



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