Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So this is where I am now. As heavy (+ about 2 kgs) as I was before I started prepping in November 2006. Its hard to tell but I'm sure I've lost a fair bit of the muscle I worked so hard to build as well. Hello Square One!

Cut to October 2009 .......

........ she wakes in excitement and anticipation, feels the ripples across her torso "yep they're still there". She jumps out of bed. The day has finally arrived. Lets get it underway. Shower, breakfast and then the first coat of dream tan. Luuurve the smell of dream tan.

At the venue its registration time and then drug testing before some down time. Doing hair and make-up is such fun. After 30 years of experience there's no need to have them done by somebody else. Her helper/trainer arrives and its time to put on the itsy bitsy glitzy bikini. More tan is required and lets not forget about the all important carb loading. Then its time to pump, pump and pump some more. Looking good. Good condition. All the hard work over the last 11 months has paid off.

She thinks back over her 11 month journey. Smiles at all the 5am starts and outdoor training even through the thick of winter. Chuckles at some of her crazy training sessions. Breathes a sigh of relief that diet wise it wasnt actually THAT hard. She has come a long way. Life is more even-keeled. The frequent and severe binging from previous times is fading into a distant memory. "woohoo woohoo oo I've got a new attitude" she sings to herself.

Its finally time to step onto the stage. As she comes into the audience's view she smiles like she's never smiled before coz the time has come to SHINE. Relaxed pose. Front symmetry pose. Quarter turn. Side symmetry pose. Chest pose. Triceps pose. Quarter turn. Back symmetry pose. Back double biceps. Quarter turn. Side symmetry pose. Chest pose. Triceps pose. Quarter turn. Front symmetry pose. Front double biceps pose. Ab and thigh pose. Relaxed pose. Shuffle competitors around and do it all again then file off. Routine time and its perfect. All of those hours of practice have paid off. Feeling great and having a ball.

All competitors file back on and the announcement is made. Third place. Second place. And the winner of the WNBF 2009 Miss Fit Body Masters is ......

.... well I think you know what my 2009 goal is.

The End.

BTW Its not actually my goal to win. Its my goal t0 get back into good enough shape to be able to compete again and I think I've got the right approach for how best to achieve it.


Pip said...

Magda, - I have enjoyed reading all you're installments and we sound to have similar thinking! All or nothing, - in 'zone' or out, focussed or unfocussed!!!
I haven't competed, - of course I'd absolutely love to get my body into comp shape but am unsure I want to commit quite to the discipline required to do it!

All the best! I fully believe you will do it again!!!!!


stephmd said...

That was cool Magda, great for visualising your success!
ps its not my goal to win either, but its the only way to end the daydream into the future :)

Splice said...

So does this mean your competing next year??

little rene said...

You crack me up Magda!

Go for it girl!

Magda said...

Hi Pip,

I often read your blog and think to myself that I could have written those exact words. We BOTH need to moderate the all or nothing attitude. I believe its vital to our success in achieving the lean and toned bodies we strive for. Thank you for believing in me.

Hey Steph, I truly believe that you get what you focus on. I love the saying "Dream, Believe, Strive and Achieve".

Yes Deb that is my goal. Aiming for the Sep/Oct comps as I have a lot of work to do and I dont want to kill myself by aiming for anything earlier. I want to enjoy the journey and I have a lot of learning to do along the way.

Rene, I aim to please :-)

Cheers all


Michelle said...

Thanks for writing these Magda, it's been really timely for me after my comps.
I can't wait to see you on stage next year.