Monday, October 27, 2008


I wasnt going to blog today. It wasnt a good day and I just wanted to sulk but I've decided to be a big girl, come clean and deal with it. Bare with me if I sound like an immature twit. I'm trying to find my way back to lean, fit and happy and its a winding road that I must travel.

I've decided that daily weighing is NOT for me. As much as that piece of metal just reflects numbers that have some questionable meaning, my relationship with those numbers is generally NOT positive. Especially when I have such high expectations for weight loss and am impatient for results. Numbers going up JUST DO MY HEAD IN.

So after 3 interludes with the scales I've decided to abort my experiment and go back to a weekly weigh around Thursday or Friday (NEVER on a Monday unless the weekend has been 100% perfectly clean). After reporting my fantastic one kilo loss last Thursday, on Friday I was back up .1 or .2. Why?? Dont know. So I weighed Sunday morning and I'm up some more and then another kilo during the day on Sunday (this I fully expected as my weight goes up during the course of a day). But this morning it was up again so you know that kilo I had lost ... well HELLO its back.

Now you deal with this, a difficult HR situation at work, feeling cold and tired, work falling behind due to staff absences and a family issue thats really bugging me and you have my perfect recipe for a bad eating day. Enough said.

Lessons learnt:

1. Weigh once a week and deal once with your feelings about the result of the weigh-in.

2. When the forecast is for cool weather DO NOT take a salad for lunch. Have something clean and healthy that can be heated up so you dont need to go and buy kung po chicken with stir fried noodles for lunch.

3. Accept that you cant be perfect at work. You wont get everything done on time or get it right the first time. Do your best and nobody should complain.

4. With the family stuff, either take it on 100% or drop it and resolve to not get into it. Stewing over it is wasted energy. You cant change people or force your values or beliefs on them. Different people have different priorities and perhaps its better to just accept that (even if you believe they are doing the wrong thing).

So now I've got all that cr*p off my chest I'll get my training gear ready for tomorrow morning and have an early night. If you're still with me ... thanks for listening :-)




Pip said...

Fully agree, the scales can play tricks! They may be down one day,(maybe more dehydrated and no food in colon etc) but then with another great clean week they may average a half kg higher, till the next drop in a week or two of 1.5 or 2kg or whatever! Easier said than done though with not getting caught up on scale number!

Keep up the fab work!

Kristy said...

Sounds like a good plan Magda and I understand about family issues. I try to tell myself the same thing its not helping anyone me stressing over it... Especially when I can't do anything

Hope training went well this morning

Splice said...

I wouldn't be able to deal with daily weigh in's either, no way!!
I have learnt not to weigh in unless i'm prepping or if my coach is doing skin folds (today), this means I weigh in once every 3 -4 weeks, that I can handle.
For me weekly weigh in's would also do my head in, much to often, but see how you go.
Your going to be okay Mags, I know you have it in you to take this one step at a time.
Deb x

little rene said...

Family issues would have to be some of the most difficult things to deal with ever I think! I know that I always struggle.

I am feeling very sympathetic today Magda. I have had better ones as well :(

I try to tell myself to just ride it out and tomorrow is a new day!

stephmd said...

So pleased, i silently cringed at the idea of daily weigh ins!
doing your best and trying not to stress sound like great long term goals to assist you!

Magda said...

Hey Pip, I know that the scales go up and down all the time and I thought I'd be ok with it but I'm not so its off them on a daily basis and back to the weekly which I'm ok with. Thanks for your encouragement.

Yes Kristy my family issue is a tricky one. Most would say "just keep out of it" but its something I feel really strongly about and a very delicate topic to broach. Hence my dilemma.

Hey Deb thats an interesting perspective about weighing every 3-4 weeks. I think thats long enough to think "oh I can cheat because I can make it up before my next weigh-in". Too long away from the scales usulally means disaster of another sort for me.

Yed Rene tomorrow is another day and I'm just riding out today but there is a difficult issue I need to resolve before I can sleep well.

Hi Steph, you know deep down I cringed too but silly me thought "oh I'll be ok" but I wasnt and now I know for future what does and doesnt work for me. We live and we learn.

Thanks guys