Monday, December 01, 2008


I'm home today after an awful ending to a great weekend. Let me pick up where I left off.

I had a really poor night's sleep on Friday as I woke up too early on Saturday. On the upside I headed out for an hour's walk and enjoyed it immensely so the day was off to a good start then. Thanksgiving dinner was excellent. For starters my SIL brought some herbed and spiced nuts and brie which we melted in the oven and served with homemade chutney and water crackers. I had a tiny taste of each. Our roast turkey was superb. After some trepidation people got stuck into and enjoyed the candied sweet potato (I passed on that sugar and fat laden option). I also made beans and asparagus with a little butter and toasted almonds. Yummo. Well the trepidation around the candied sweet potatao was no match for the trepidation around the pumpkin pie. My best friend's husband (who is Italian) said jokingly "What, are you serving it with icecream?" To which I seriously replied "yes, and/or cream". Well he ate his words and the pumpkin pie and he along with everyone else loved it. The last of our guests went home at 12.15am and I got to bed at 1 feeling like I was going to die from tiredness.

Yesterday was a busy day taking BS to a birthday party in the morning and following it up with a BBQ lunch with friends. Here's where I fell down a bit. Whilst I didnt arrive hungry, the fact that lunch was served after 4pm was a challenge that beat me. Place a round of fruit cheese and crackers out and dont offer me a meal for several hours and there's only one thing that can happen. Yep you guessed it .... that and kabana, more cheese, crackers, some chips etc. I have room to improve when it comes to managing snack foods if I'm not controlling the meal timing.

So what was the awful ending to the weekend??

Last night I had the worst case of gastro that I can remember for a long time. After desparately needing a good night's sleep, I was awake hourly until 2am and was then woken up by BS at 5. I had no intention of training but I couldnt get back to sleep. Hence I'm home today just taking a bit of recovery time and seeing how eating goes. So far I'm ok.

But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining and mine is that this morning I cracked the sub 70 and am now 69.7kgs. I had been secretly hoping that I'd make the sub 70 in November (I was 70.1kgs yesterday) and I've virtually made that rather ambitious goal. Add to this that yesterday I wore my (generous) size 10 white capri pants AND LOOKED GOOD IN THEM and I'm in a pretty happy place.

Signing off for now guys



Kristy said...

Thats fantastic that your body is feeling better and more toned Magda. I hope you are feeling better soon though from Gastro, it makes you feel pretty flat.

Magda said...

Hi Kristy, its been good to have a very laid back day and be able to take it easy. Hope all is well with you.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sub 70s, that is fantastic.

Hope the gastro disappears quickly for you.

Anonymous said...

That's also where I need to improve as well, preparation when you won't be in control of meal times.

Magda said...

Thanks Cat. Yep all is ok on the gastro front now. Just feeling a bit washed out and lethargic but a decent workout tomorrow morning will fix that.

Hi Top End Girl, thanks for dropping by. If there's one thing thats just about impossible to resist its those bloody nibbly snack foods that get served up before the meal. They are my downfall nearly all the time.

:-) Magda