Friday, December 05, 2008


So whats the Friday Battle? Its otherwise known as "endofweekitis". You know, that time when your resolve starts to weaken, you start to dream about that indulgence you soooo deserve or the training that you just have to find some excuse to NOT do.

Here's a bit of a snapshot of my day.

After working late last night I intended to have a sleep-in til 6am today. Done, and the little bit of extra sleep was much needed and I felt better for it. However, that meant no training this morning.

Work: was go go go again. There was a small indulgence of a stolen Cookie Man poppyseed cookie. Let me explain ... I didnt steal it, my Director did. In fact she stole a handfull of biscuits from another meeting room and gleefully brought them into our meeting for us to have. I'm sure that calories consumed in the name of comedy (or crime) dont count ... do they??

On the way home was when the battle started. It went like this:

Gee I really dont feel like training (WH was out to a work Xmas function so I had the opportunity to train).

You know you should. Dont slacken off.

But I'm tired and I just want to veg out.

You'll feel better after you've done it. You know you will.

Gee I'd love take-away chicken with chips and coleslaw for dinner.

No you wouldnt. You'll feel awful after.

Yes I would. It would be sooooo delicious.

And then you'll have to report it to Liz, see the scales go up and deal with the negative feelings that follow. Its not worth it.

It didnt end there. When I got home I asked BS if he'd like to eat his dinner with me so we could talk and eat together (another excuse to NOT train!!). Now usually on a Friday he's allowed to eat at the little table in front of the TV while WH and I have a drink and share a relaxed meal together. And thats what he wanted to do despite me trying hard to convince him otherwise. The conversation ended like this:

Me: "Well if we're not eating together then I'm going to do my exercises"
BS: " Mummy you do your exercises because they're good for you".

Try argueing with that logic. So to end the story I went and did my training and then ate my homemade stir fried veg with lime/chilli chicken and we all lived happily ever after.



Kimmy said...

Hey think that same voice was in my head last night :) but we were both angles - good work Magna - you are on a roll and congrats on all the weight loos so far and yes I woudl be weary of your beautiful trainer :)

Magda said...

Yes Kimmay I HATE reporting in that I stuffed up. Just dreading that I have to do it usually keeps me on the straight and narrow LOL

:-) Magda