Tuesday, December 09, 2008


This morning there was a nice drop on the scales and I'm well on the way to achieveing my goal of being in the low 67s by Xmas. Mind you as Xmas draws closer there are more social gatherings to deal with and each one brings about its own challenges like:

Which ones do I drink at?
How much do I drink keeping in mind I have a 2 wines / week limit?
Do I eat there and if so what do I have?
How can I ensure that I arrive in a good headspace to give myself a fighting chance to stay on track?

I think the last point is the most important one. If I arrive in the right frame of mind then there's a good chance that I'll handle the occassion well and come out unscathed. But if my headspace is screwed (for whatever reason) then ..... yep the wheels could well and truly fall off. Its pretty obvious how I have to approach this.

Tomorrow morning I get to use my new squat rack/lat pulldwon/low pulley as I have a new "Magda's Sexy Back" program which is designed to deliver just that. How exciting!! I cant wait. I think I'll set my alarm a bit earlier just to make sure I have time do the program justice.

So on that note I better sign off and think about having an early night. The lurgy still has a hold on me but getting a decent night's sleep is my ammunition to kick it fast.

Cheers folks



Pip said...

HAHA Magda! That sounds like a good program! Look forward to following you're progress and maybe a pic in the future!

Keep up the great work, you're doing awesome!


Skye said...

Awesome work Magda....Keep it up you can get through the next couple of weeks....Look how quick ur weight has come off....You are doing soooooo well,skye x

Magda said...

Thanks Pip. Right now I only have my very awful starting pics but as soon as I have some half reasonable progress pics I'll post them up.

Thanks Skye

:-) Magda

Charlotte Orr said...

Woot! New program - bet you are glad to get stuck into some heavy weights again. Hope you aren't too sore!