Monday, December 08, 2008


.... I ended up walking for an hour. It was so beautiful outside and it felt good to be moving and my nose was clear as I breathed in the fresh air. I have a favourite walk that takes me around not one but two lakes (albeit man-made ones, but water nevertheless) and its certainly longer than 30 minutes. I was enjoying being out and the hour just slipped by so quickly. Oh and lets not forget the added bonus of burning more than 400 cals.

We had a delicious dinner of tandoori chicken breasts that WH had webbered yesterday and I reheated it and it still tasted awesome. I also made a salad with cos lettuce and coriander from our garden. It was a lite and simple dinner but big big on flavour. WH had a glass of white wine, we ate in our outdoor room and it was a lovely dinner to start the week.

I'm trying to motivate myself to do a bit more work but I think an early night is calling in the hope that I can shake this lurgy.

Cheers all


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