Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Motivation is riding high and that means its even easier to stick to my training program and nutrition guidelines and maintain a good headspace.

I went to bed really early last night as sleep was lacking over the weekend. Felt refreshed this morning and was out before 5am to do 45 minutes of brisk walking with 10 x 30 second jogging intervals thrown into the equation. It felt good to run again albeit briefly and not intensely. Then back home I tackled the majority of my Postural Program that I missed doing yesterday.

BS is under the weather so I have been home with him and seeing as he's just been veging on the sofa I've tackled the dreaded spring cleaning jobs. I HATE CLEANING!!!! And I'm over it and there is till so much more to do. GRRRRR

But being home has meant that I could finish my PP during the day and can enjoy a free evening. Food has been good and I've been happily eating left-over turkey from Saturday night. Its so yummy that I'm looking forward to having more at Christmas.

Well I'm off to do something enjoyable as a reward after my hard work. Its snack time and there is a DietLite yogurt beckoning. I might even treat myself to a Diet Coke. Then I'm going to sort out my Training Folder. I bought a new folder to keep all my training information in and I havent touched it since I've been with Liz. Its time to set it up and get it into order so that I have a record of the journey I'm on.

Cheers all


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