Saturday, December 06, 2008


My squat rack / lat pulldown / low pulley arrived late last week and today WH assembled it. It took hours and my exercise room is now almost 100% perfect (albeit it a little untidy still). I had a quick play and it felt great. Its really solid and sturdy and will not buckle under some serious training. The red bench I already had and it complements it well. The 2 pieces together with the barbell(s) mean I now have so many more exercises I can do at home. Yippee!! This makes me very happy and takes considerable pressure off on a number of fronts.
So what else did today have in store for me?
I woke up with (another!!) cold. I've had 3 at least since I've been in my new job whereas normally I'd have 3 in 3 years. I must be a bit more run down than I realise but generally I feel ok until the lurgies hit and then I get headaches, runny noses and feel a bit miserable.
But its only a headcold so I did my rowing cardio this morning before heading out with my mum to help her do her Xmas shopping. We had lunch out and a dirty meal was on the agenda for a medical reason (I bet thats got you intrigued!!) so we enjoyed some pasta and a glass of wine while we caught up on all the goss about the extended family. Who died. Who got divorced. Who's not speaking to who and what my exH is up to (49 years of age and living with his mother since we split!!)
In the arvo I made a big lasagne as a treat for our Godson who we are babysitting tonight while his mum goes to her work Xmas dinner. Even though there's 6 years difference in their ages, he and BS play together really well. I also decorated the Xmas tree. Oh and BTW I didnt have lasagne for dinner. Kept mine lean and clean.
So I guess I'll wrap up there and not bore you further. Tomorrow the Adelaide Figure Girls + some newbies and the lovely Miss Katie from Melbourne are brunching for our regular monthly catch up. I cant wait and will try to remember to take some pics and post them up.
Cheers all


Michelle said...

Very noice! What a fantastic addition to your home gym.

Have a great lunch with the figure girls!

Magda said...

Thanks Michelle. We had a great catch up and lovely food too.

:-) Magda

Trudi said...

Hi Magda,
Its Trudi here.Thanks for welcoming me to Blogland..and Im very envious of your new toy!! Its so strange to read your blog as our journeys have been very similar..PLUS I WANT A RACK LIKE YOURS TOO!! Going to see what pre-xssie specials they have here in WA. Does it take up much room? Trudsxx

Magda said...

Hi Trudi,

I've left another comment on your blog re size of squat rack.

:-) Magda

RaeC said...

Niiiiiiice!! xxx