Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I started today with my "Bringing Magda's Sexy Back" Program (doesnt the title just make you want to push it hard!!) followed by a 20m minute walk as that was all I had time for. Sadly my heartrate stayed quite low during the walk so I must be focussed to move faster next time.

I'm not required to have any special PWO meals other than my usual breakfast which contains protein and starchy carbs but as we were going out for brekky today and eating would be seriously delayed, I decided to have a protein shake and a small piece of Burgen fruit/muesli toast with a scrape of SF jam. Protein and carbs to see me through til I could have a proper feed. I chose Bircher muesli with grated apple, honey, blueberries, fresh peach and mango slices and a sprinkle of almonds. Oh and despite being at "Adelaide's best breakfast venue" I was served a lukewarm skim cappuccino. I complained and was told that they chose to serve coffee warm "like the Italian way so you could drink it quickly and not sip it". Blaaaah!! I like my hot drinks hot!! And if I'm paying some ridiculous price for that coffee then I want to sip it slowly and enjoy it. Water is for skulling. Coffee isnt!

I've had a good day nevertheless. Yep I've been racing from one meeting to another and then trying to deal with all the things that crop up while you're out of the office and at one stage I was really going loopy but I chose to make fun of myself and laugh it off which is definitely the best tactic for me. I'm determined to handle the stress better and not let it get the better of me. My boss keeps telling me I'm doing a good job so I should start to listen and give myself some credit for what I am achieving instead of beating myself up over the stuff thats waiting to be tackled.

Oh and BTW the Metal Monster decided to add 1.1kgs to my previous weight (about a week ago) and whilst I didnt like the number, I didnt let it upset me. I just reminded myself that yes I had eaten poorly for 2-3 days BUT that my black pants still felt comfortably loose and my torso still had less lard on it than 6 weeks ago. So I felt good and my day wasnt going to be ruined by an undesirable number. PROGRESS!!!!

:-) Magda

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