Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So now I'm home trying to shake off this dreaded lurgy. Went to work this morning as I had an important meeting to attend but once that was over I was out of there.

I slept badly again last night (2 nights in a row now). Was awake from about 3 and fell back to sleep just before 5 only to be woken at 5 so I could train. I rowed this morning but had a really disappointing result. I chose the 2nd most challenging program, whacked the level to start at 4 (means the highest level it got to was the max amount) but didnt feel strong and was therefore slow. Even though the setting was heavy my heart rate just didnt get up today and my HRM told me I had trained for 38 minutes with 2 seconds in my training zone. WTF!!!! I SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN BED. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR :-( Actually I should have set it lighter so I could get some speed up. Oh well live and learn.

Food is good. Have been getting some thoughts like "oh I'm not well, so I'd like some soup (and a roll with butter)" but have stayed strong as I'm onto this trap I always fall into. Had salmon with green veg for lunch and I'm ok. Will take it easy tonight and probably tomorrow morning too in the hope that this lurgy moves out quick smart.

Cheers all



Anonymous said...

Just wondering when soup with a small roll especially a wholegrain roll is a trap? I have soup and a roll most lunchtimes and consider it healthy and filling, i do skip the butter though. Just curious

Combat Girl said...

Hi Magda,

Hope you feel better soon. Give your body a chance to get over this thing and take it easy.

Glad the results all came back good from the doc.

Keep up the good work my friend


Magda said...

Thats a good question Cat. One of the good habits I learnt last year when prepping for comp was to eat some protein at every meal to build/maintain muscle. Well to this day I still try to do that as I want to maintain what muscle I still have. The soups I like have little / no protein so the meal ends up being a big carb fest for me. Also bread is a bit of a trigger food for me now (as I've been struggling with binge eating) so its best avoided - especially as I love it with butter. The day will come when I'm ok with it but right its best off the menu for me.

Thanks CG. I know I should rest and I will take it easy or this lurgy will hang around too long. Yep great results at the docs too :-) Happy with them



Splice said...

Hey Mags!
Hope you are feeling better soon. Resting is the best way to get better so don't feel guilty about not exercising for a day or two hun.

Magda said...

Hi Deb,

yep I'm resting. One training session today instead of two LOL

:-) Magda