Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well my plans for the new and exciting journey are looking like they have to be put on hold for a few weeks due to a previous commitment that must be honoured. I’m going with the flow as there is no point stressing or sulking over this.

However the next 7 weeks will REALLY test me and if I succeed in my goal, I’ll be one VERY happy girl. Yep I have a Reverse Risk Leverage Agreement with my WH (refer post titled News, News and More News) and its time to apply myself and achieve the goal I set for myself. I have some information from Lisa Stokes to help me (a HEEEEUWGE thank you to this amazing woman) and there’ll be no more excuses for not training every morning or for cheating with my food. Any one of those slip ups could end up costing me cash that I don’t want to part with.

So today kicks off as a 90% paleo day (an idea pinched from Liz Nelson and her work with her figure clients). Why 90% you ask. Because once a week on the way to work WH and I go for a coffee and a chat and I had a skim cappuccino. (In hindsight I should’ve had a peppermint tea but I do love skim cappuccinos). I’m a bit hungry but next feed is only 10 minutes away so I’ll survive.

Tested myself over 5kms this morning and have updated my sidebar. Considering my half-assed inconsistent running over the last week or so I’m pleased that my time was only a fraction slower than the last test. I expect my cardio fitness to increase as I crank out more cardio over the next 7 weeks.

So OPERATION SUB 65 is in motion. 84 days to go. Hopefully I’ll rock up to the All Females looking leaner and more toned than my current woeful state.

Cheers folks



Lisa said...

Hi Magda
I keep reading your posts about your weight - and trying to put it in perspective - how tall are you?

Magda said...

Hi Lisa,

I'm 171cms (or about 5 foot 7). I've been sitting around 70kgs for some time now. Lose a bit, gain it back, bloat up to 72/73 and drop down to 69/70. Over and over again. Look Ok in most clothes but naked .... aaaargh :-(