Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Its funny how after each bout of negativity, struggles and admitting how things arent going well for me, the tide turns and everything takes an upward direction. This is a relief.

Such was my day today. Yesterday I did a half-assed walk / jog session for cardio. Today I did sprints, increasing the intensity from last week. I was drenched at the end :-) Both yesterday and today I have eaten well and I'm feeling better physically. More good food = less aches and pains both physically and emotionalyy which I should remind myself of daily.

My digital kitchen scales carked it on Mothers Day and even a new set of (expensive) batteries hasnt got them working. INTERESTING DILEMMA!!!! When trying to lose weight (which is just about all the time in my life) I like to weigh my food and keep a journal of what I eat and what training I do + I log my food onto CalKing. Obsessive compulsive to a "T" LOL. BUT I'm trying a new experiment. I havent replaced the kitchen scales (shaking from an anxiety attack) and I'm guessing portions by sight and by what amount feels right to eat. I'm following Lindy Olsen's 7 Rules for Success (check this out on which make a lot of sense and are easy to follow. So my Training Journal just reflects my training and HRM readings + it lists the 7 rules and I tick them off if I've achieved them. Easy peasy!! How long can I stay away from my previous addiction? (I'm aiming for 21 days and then I'll see how I feel and what I want to do).

I'm also trying to stay off the bathroom scales but I'm not convinced that this is a good idea just yet. At the doctors on Monday morning (I'll post more when I get all my results next Monday) I was weighed and let me just say that the result was DREADFUL (but I have Sunday's poor eating to blame for that). I'm still on the fence about weighing myself and how often.

Over the next few days I have some home stuff and some personal stuff to sort out and then I may be embarking on another new and exciting journey. My lips are sealed for now though :-)

And in closing I'd just like to write about my visits to the blogs of the lovely ladies who've just competed (Carolyn and Michelle) and KatieP who's on her final countdown. Just as I thought, I'm experiencing some sadness and regret that its not me this year. Its brought back a lot of happy and difficult memories which I cherish and forever feel mighty proud that I did it ....... and I'll do it again.

Cheers all



Kek said...

It's amazing how a couple of days of good workouts and balanced eating can lift your mood.

Good luck with the no-weighing experiment!

Raechelle said...

I really hope you find the no-weighing a positive experience. I never weigh or measure-even for cal-king it's all total guesstimates (is that a word?-LOL)Balance is the key-and not eating past being full; of course-I'm not telling you anything you don't already know :)
Cheers and good luck!

Splice said...

Hang in there Mags, it's a tough journey for many of us but aren't the positive days great!!
I will be watching out for your news.

Magda said...

Yes Kek it works a treat. Now just to STAY in that better mood.

Raechelle its going ok but its early days so I wont get smug just yet.

Thanks Deb. I'm enjoying some positive says which is good.

Cheers all


katiep said...

Do you want to swap? LOL
Thanks for stopping by and sending your support from afar - every bit counts at this stage of the game.
My kitchen scales didn't survive the trip home from Brisbane so after almost having a complete meltdown hubby took me to buy some more last night (why didn't my non-functioning brain think of that?)

Magda said...

Hello Katie and thanks back for dropping by my blog. In a funny way I'd actually LOVE to sawp with you cause I remember really well how I felt 2 days out from comp. Physically exhausted but emotionally words couldnt describe how FANTASTIC I felt. It was an awesome feeling - one I'll never forget.