Friday, May 30, 2008


On 31st May its my Mum's birthday. She will be 72.

I'm taking her out for the day. We are heading out at 9am to Westfield Marion (on the other side of town to where we live). First stop will be for a nice cappuccino and the we are seeing Made of Honour (a chick flick - what else??). Then we'll have lunch in Spargos and I think a glass of wine is in order. Mum then wants to do some shopping. The perfect day :-)

On Sunday I'm cooking dinner for our family (including SIL & BIL) - more on that later. I'll be cashing in a "free meal" that night!


Well the time was right to weigh officially today and I had the pleasure of giving a big warm welcome to the Whoosh Fairy, God bless her LOL. After a few small and controlled treats last weekend, I stayed tight with my eating this week. I didnt train hard due to this annoying lurgy I have but I moved on most days. So it was vey nice to be rewarded with a 1.4kg loss. I was just about jumping out of my skin :-) The bigger jeans that I bought a few weeks ago are just downright fugly now and as soon as I'm back in my Size 11s the fugly granny jeans are going to charity. I NEVER WANT TO WEAR THEM AGAIN.

So the All Females is 6 weeks away and I have just over 2.5kgs to go to make my goal. But no complacency here as I know how easily I can slip into the "oh I'm doing really well so I can afford this cake, pasta, 3rd glass of wine etc" and then before I know it I'm eating anything that doesnt move. Yes a few controlled treats will be enjoyed but now I control my food and it doesnt control me.

Anyway its late so I better wrap it up there. Tomorrow is a busy day with little time at home so scheduling training will be interesting. I missed it today due to an unfortunate incident with BS this morning and then the day was so busy that it got lost alltogether. But thats been my only downfall.

Cheers all and I hope your weekends are shaping up to be as good as mine



Kek said...

Where would we be without our mums? Hope you have a lovely day.

Good work on the moderation front - I laughed at your fugly jeans...I had some of those too, they went STRAIGHT in the charity bin the minute I fitted into my old ones.

Michelle said...

I hope your Mum has a lovely day.

Great news re the whoosh fairy!

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday to your mum! Sounds like you've got a lovely day planned.

Way to go on the "whoosh fairy"! Sadly she didn't pay me a visit this week!

Hilary xx

Charlotte Orr said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. Enjoy!

Lisa said...

Stay Focused now.

Magda said...

Yes Kek my mum is so many things to me. I'd be lost without her so I wanted to treat her accordingly.

Thanks Michelle - on both counts.

:-) Hilary it was obviously my turn this week.

Thanks Charlotte - busy but great - just how I like my weekends.

Thanks Lisa. I'm tracking ok and am happy with where I'm at and where I'm heading. Now just need to keep moving forward :-)