Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The responses I had to my last post got me thinking tonight.

I loved Kek's reference to my "Inner Fat Girl" (except she's not JUST inner right now LOL). So what does my IFG do/say/think that could well be handed that eviction notice?

IFG has a love/hate with the scales. Love em when the number's going down. Hate em etc..... well you know the rest. However the reality for me is that the scales are ONE thing that keep me accountable and on the straight and narrow. Yep I've ditched them before BUT for me it didnt work. I become complacent and go into denial that I've gained weight because I dont have the cold, hard proof. Skinfolds I know are a better measure but not readily available whilst the scales are there daily. Clothes? Yep they work to some degree but not as effective as that magical number. So where would I like to be with the scales? Like Kek I want to be able to just accept what they say. Rejoice if the reading is good. Fix it if the reading is bad. End of story. Thats the extent of the effect they are to have on me and I'd be happy with that.

IFG still considers that eating lean and clean and training hard is what you do to lose weight. So when you've reached your goal weight ... well it open slather. Now the mature and sensible Magda knows this is WRONG and its been my downfall over and over in the past. This is one thought process that needs evicting right now.

IFG (like the Feast Beast) still tries her hardest to take control at my vulnerable times. She won last Friday but I won on Saturday and Sunday. I'm looking forward to the time when we battle no longer or at least very infrequently.

And Kristy I often try to focus on the positives too. I try to put things into perspective about myself and life in general. Am I happy with who I am and the effort I'm putting into my goals and my life?

Let me just say "I'm improving".

:-) Magda


katiep said...

I can identify with the scale thing too. I am glad I am not the only one. It is so hard to eat well and work your butt off (or ON in our case) when there is no reward from the digital devil.
One day we'll "get it" but until then it's just another challenge to face.

Kek said...

I've struggled with maintenance in the past too, Magda. This time I have no fears, I know I can do it.

It's been a pretty long road - old beliefs cand habits can be changed, but it takes time and persistence (and usually a few falls).

meanwhile, give your inner fat girl a good slap and tell her to get over herself.

Magda said...

Yes Katie the digital devil is just that isnt it LOL!!

Kek the day I master maintenance is the day I'll feel like I've won the lottery - perhaps thats a bad parallel to draw as I hope my chances of mastering maintenance are better than those of winning the lottery. I've travelled the road but have never made it to my destination. Maybe this time?????



Kristy said...

I know what you mean Magda and it has got me thinking about where I am... I think I might post about it, so I can have a think...