Tuesday, May 13, 2008


For some reason I still had a headache for most of today. I cant believe that the alcohol knocked me around THAT much as I do drink regularly in moderation and am used to it. WIERD!!!

I missed training this morning. My best friend has been nagging me about sleeping with my phone under my 2 pillows (to muffle the sound of the alarm at 5am) saying it'll fry my brain and do all sorts of other nasty things to me. She assured me that if the phone was turned off, the alarm would still go off. WELL IT DOESNT SWEETIE!!!!! No alarm at 5am meant I slept til almost 6 and there went my training time.

There will be no excuse tomorrow though. It'll just be a tough decsion between a weights session (I'm behind by 2) or a run (behind by 1). This is not shaping up to be a week of good consistent training. At least I've pretty much got my food back on track and am feeling much better mentally as a result of this.

Things are looking up which is always a nice position to be in.

:-) Magda


Raechelle said...

Bummer about the extended hangover!

I agree with your gal about the cell phone under the pillow-not good. What about buying one of those little digital clock/radios? They are only like $20-and you can wake to music.
Just a thought! :)

Magda said...

Hi Raechelle, I've considered that except everyone will wake to the music at 5am and thats what I need to avoid. My husband is a light sleeper and is NOT a morning person + our son has taken to sleeping in our room on most nights. The reason I put the phone under my pillows is to muffle the alarm and keep the peace in the household. Cant think what else to do really.