Saturday, May 03, 2008


I'm overwhelmed by the huge vote of confidence I've had from so many bloggers since my last post. I cant thank you enough guys. It really means a lot to me :-)

So how am I travelling now?

Pretty good. I had a slip up on Friday where I thought I could manage a challenging situation around food better than I did. I was wrong and I ended up eating too many calories but at least my downfall wasnt really crap food like cakes and biscuits. I will NOT subject myself to this situation (Friday morning tea at work) again until I've had a LONG run of being in control and knowing I can manage it well. Enough said.

So this morning I punished myself (hahaha I actually LOVED it!!!!) with one hour of cardio. I ran 5kms again and improved my time (marginally). Please see my sidebar as I'll post a weekly update of my improvement over this distance. Then I hopped on my exercise bike for about 30 mins and just kept pushing. 517 calories and buckets of sweat later I took my HR stats and declared myself a WINNER!! I was on a cardio high for a good 2-3 hours to follow.

Mind you running is no easy feat for me. At the 3.5-4km stretch I hit a (psychological) wall. Its hard. I'm tired. Every extra kilo I'm carrying feels like lead. So I start talking to myself. "Magda you're a runner. Magda you're a runner" over and over again. Then its just "I'm a runner. I'm a fast runner. Fast and fluid" over and over again. I think it helped to lift me up and just give a bit extra in the last kilometre and shave a bit of time off.

Food has been good today. I havent tracked it on Calking but know my calories have been a bit lower today which I can afford after yesterday. I'd hate for yesterday's slip up to cost me that $500.

Cheers all. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow. Its leg day + 30 minutes of power walking. Easy peasy :-)



MISS TANK said...

Hey Magda, love reading your blog, you ARE anything you wanna be, runner, walker, body builder, swimmer, etc etc etc just keep at it and you will achieve x

Lisa said...

You sound like you are getting into the right headspace - well done.

I put that post up about precision nutrition on my blog.


Magda said...

Thanks MT. I'm enjoying the change of focus as its given me a nice (emotional) lift.

Thanks Lisa. Have had a quick read and will go back to it soon.