Monday, May 05, 2008


Tonight after work I did my first running training session. It was tough. It was interesting. It was an excellent calorie burner and I loved it.

The lovely Miss D and I headed down together after work and she introduced me to everyone. The coach was an older man with the true runner's physique - very lean with nice shapely legs and absolutely no body fat NOR MUSCLE on his upper body. My shoulders would have dwarfed him. Next to him I looked like the Incredible Hulk LOL. But he is a great runner and really knew his stuff.

Tonight's session was particularly tough and although I couldnt do it all (I didnt expect to) I gave it my best shot. I'm already looking forward to next Monday and doing it all again (well another session anway). Its really good to be pushed out of your comfort zone and this way I know my running will improve. Oh and might I just say that torching 597 calories is a really nice bonus. Woohoo!!

I'm also pretty happy with myself in that I didnt let last Friday's slip-up continue into a weekend of mindless overeating as was usually the case previously. Saturday and Sunday were good days (not perfect but days I was happy with) and I'm feeling strong and in control. Hey there might just be hope for me yet :-)



Antigone said...

Good on you hun :)
I hope the new week brings new highs :)

Kimmy said...

Hey Magna
Well done on your first session - up and adams :)
Keep following your dream and live with passion

Michelle said...

YAY you!

Lisa said...

Congrats on your first session - I'm quite jealous of the opportunity (no running club around here). But you're right about the muscle. Whilst I (kinda)love running, it could never be my only focus because runners end up with lean but not necessarily toned bods!

Combat Girl said...

There definetely is hope for you Magda!!

We are all here cheering you on and supporting you however we can.

Keep up the good work, remember its a lifestyle, take each day as it comes and strive to do the best you can.


Magda said...

Thanks Em. I've had one high already so things are looking good.

Hi Kimmy. Its really nice to have a new passion this year. I just wasnt mustering much for competing again but a new focus is good.

Michelle. INDEED!!

Lisa we must be SOOOO alike as I like the challenge of running but I think that 12kms will be my max. As for the runners' bodies, well I definitely like a more toned and muscly upper body too. Men with no shoulders just look WRONG!!!

Thanks Theo. I'm keeping those thoughts firmly in mind about the lifestyle and striving to do my best. But I'm also trying to keep things balanced so when I get an inspiration to do an obscene amount of training or dieting too strictly I kick myself in the butt and remind myself to MODERATE!!

Thanks guys