Saturday, May 24, 2008


Do you have days when you're such a well oiled machine that you kick butt in your cardio and you feel like you could run/ride/whatever for ever??

Well my day was ANYTHING BUT!! :-(

I woke up hungry and my energy levels were low. I had to wait for WH to do his run and get back before I could do mine. Hmmm time to get hungrier and Paleo Boot Camp doesnt throw up many ... oops ANY options in this situation so I toughed it out. Strike One!!

Plus I had that feeling of a cold just thinking about taking up residence. You know, funny in the chest, head not quite right (and one wine NEVER does that to me). Strike Two!!

I headed out planning to run 40 minutes at an easy pace and then follow up with 20 mins ex bike ride. OMG I had NO ENERGY!! I was struggling to push out my pathetic old Cliff Young Shuffle and every step was hard work. I just kept telling myself "get to the corner", "get to the shop" "get around the lake" but I was ready to chuck it in after 12 minutes. However I pushed on for just over 30 minutes and then walked a way home and did the ex bike ride as planned.

Whilst I was struggling to run I worked on staying positive in this difficult situation. Once I passed the 20 minute mark I convinced myself that I could do 30 and then I convinced myself to take it up to the next 5 minute block. I also reminded myself that today I obviously didnt have a full tank of premium fuel to get me through. Dont get me wrong....nothing bad's gone in the tank but I dont think enough went in the tank. It was then that I decided that Paleo Boot Camp was not the answer today. Straight out Paleo instead (with a small skim cappuccino as a treat) would serve me much better. Hmmm I did enjoy having some pumpkin in my omelette for breakfast.

Speaking of Paleo, I confess I managed about 85% today. I took BS to a birthday party and I indulged in a small galss of champagne while there. Now I'm sure that the cavewomen would have enjoyed champagne too after a hard day of digging vegetables and picking berries. Cheers to all the cavewomen :-) But I touched NO crappy food whatsoever so I'll count that as a BIG WIN!!

Figure Girls are brunching tomorrow. I may be the only one eating as they are all dieting as they should be LOL!! Whatever happens food wise is irrelevant as its just great to catch up. Then WH, BS and I are off to the movies and out for dinner. I'm looking forward to tomorrow already.

Cheers all



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Lisa said...

Ah - these shitty days happen
But the most important thing is that you did everything right - it was just your body that didn't respond. An important difference

RaeC said...

I hear you Magda!! I had one of those days when I woke up and thought "I'd better get my cardio out of the way," then fiddled around and procrastinated and thought "I'm too hungry to train so will have breakfast first," then mucked around on the pooter... you get the idea!! It got to 9.00am and I just thought to myself... just get on and do the job and hopped on the treadmill. It turned out to be a great session once I got over the first hump of my body warming up. All that matters is that you give 100% of whatever is in the tank, even if it isn't full xxx

Lisa said...

You should aim to get 100% compliant days, 3 days in a pumkin either!