Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Today's title sort of reflects the bits and pieces I thought I'd post about today.

Eliminating sweeteners.

One of the things I've done recently is to cut out the 4-5 sugar free lollies I have in the afternoon on most days. I dont know why but I love the oral satisfaction of munching on the (supposedly guilt free) snacks. I used to be smoker so maybe thats why, but I havent smoked for a long time. Of course they are artificially sweetened which I used to think was ok but am now working to slowly remove these foods from my diet. I still have some in my bag but will only resort to them in an emergency when the munchies strike and I know a few lollies will stave off a potential binge.

Green tea with Citrus.

This is my drink of choice after water. I had several large cups yesterday but I made them very weak so they have a mild flavour. In the morning I accidentally left the green tea bag steeping for too long and ended up with the most disgusting tasting brew ever. It was up there with grapefruit as the most vile tasting food on the planet LOL. I'm far more careful to dunk a couple of times now and then out with the tea bag. Yummo.

To train or not to train.

Because I havent been feeling 100% physically I've faced the dilemma about whether to train or not. On Monday we had some really decent rain right around the time that I would have been out doing my running training with Adelaide Harriers. With my chesty thing already settled in I decided to skip the session and the (almost certain) bout of pneumonia that could have followed. I've also avoided jogging/running/sprinting since then as all 3 are quite intense. My cardio has been of more moderate intensity - except yesterday's row which was too low in intensity. I have done some resistance (weight) training today but have decided to take it easy with only 1 session / day til I get rid of this lurgy. Happy compromise I think.

Scale liberation.

I'm continuing to eat well so that my emotions stay positive and I keep moving towards my "Sub 65 by 11 July" goal. The rate of progress is slow but I know the whoosh fairy will visit soon and I'll be forging ahead. In the meantime I can honestly say I'M NOT STRESSING OR FRETTING ABOUT THE NUMBER ON THE SCALES. What a wonderful, liberating feeling :-)




Antigone said...

Hi Hun :)
My loss on the scales has been slow but very consistant and I think thats what you should look for and feel good about :)
You can do it hun you can get past the barriers you can get healthy it aint easy but it is possible and it does get easier with time :)
Have a great week.

Magda said...

Thanks Em,

If you read my post from Monday you'll see I'm actually very healthy BUT I am carrying a few too many kilos and thats what needs to be addressed. So I'm plugging away knowing that I have a goal and an end date and if I dont make it then I'm a shitload of money poorer. Good incentive to eat well and train hard I can tell you!



Kristy said...

Your sounding really positive Magda...

Hope you get over the lurgy soon.

I know when I was sick rest was the best thing for me as I got over it heaps quicker.

Splice said...

I am so guilty of sucking on those sugar free "Extra Drops". I can't can't eliminate them, it's sad but true!
Hope your feeling better.

Hilary said...

I have decided to ditch the daily weigh-ins too - they do your head in sometimes!
Hope you manage to get rid of your germs soon - Olive Leaf Extract is very good for this.

Hilary xx

Magda said...

Yes Kristy, the running is on hold until this lurgy clears. Not looking forward to being so "running unfit" again though.

Deb I love them too. Berry and Lemon are my favourites.

Hilary I usually weigh once or twice a week and I'm getting pretty good at gauging my results and what I weigh. This week I felt like I'd had very little, if any loss and I was right. Down .2. No dramas. I'm doing everything right, within reason so the results will come.