Monday, May 12, 2008


Ok so having 2 liqueurs and a few glasses of wine yesterday wasnt such a good idea.

Note to self: You are not 20 years old where abuse to your body is like water off a duck's back and you bounce back with no ill effects. If you choose to abuse your body then be prepared to pay a price - one you wont like paying.

I felt seedy, hung-over, lethargic and sorry for myself all day. Its almost 9pm and I still feel out of sorts.

So today I have sinned: No 5am training. No evening training. Eats??? Well at least I havent over-eaten so thats one tick I've earned today. Lordy!! You'd think that I'd know better by now.

My friend Miss D wasnt going to running training tonight and I had a dental appointment that ran late meaning I wouldnt have made it back into the city on time anyway. Maybe Thursday.

In the meantime I need to pick myself up, dust myself off and start moving in a positive forward direction again.

Good night all



Antigone said...

Looks like you wer spoilt rotten only way to go :)

Stay positive hun, shake it off you can do it :)

I had one too many sweet things yesterday so I felt rather rough too but hey us mums work hard for one day of the year to get spoilt :)


Kek said...

Funny how now and then, we manage to 'forget' what alcohol does to us. It's fun at the time, but the after-effects are always awful - luckily they never last long.

Back to healthy eating today and you'll be feeling fine again in no time. :)

Magda said...

Hey Em, I got right into the "let me be spoilt" headset thats for sure. Although in hindsight it wasnt such a great feeling afterwards.

Yes Kek I copped a bout of awful aftereffects thats for sure. I still had a headache for most of today too!!?? But eating was all good so I'm feeling better now.

Cheers guys


RaeC said...

Aaaaah... the comment you left on my blog has now just made sense... LOL!! *lightbulb goes on*. In comp prep mode so it takes me a little while these days... hehehe!! Hope you are feeling better hon xxx