Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well today I dusted off the X Trainers, the mic belt and the sweatband and taught my old Sunday morning classes once again. The regular instructor was doing Spin training and seeing as I was given several weeks notice I couldnt say no.

I must confess that I was a bit nervous, not having taught since about Feb this year. I was also self conscious as I'm quite a bit heavier than I'd like to be and seeing some of my old regular class members I wished that I'd looked better. Mind you, they (except one) didnt look any better than the last time I saw them so I guess we're even LOL.

Speaking of that one ... what an amazing lady Miss M is (no not me!!). She's been a member at that gym since Noah was a boy. She used to be a big fan of Step and then BodyPump whilst dabbling in a bit of weight lifting. She also used to carry LOTS of abdominal fat. Over the years she cranked up her weight training, dropped off the cardio and probably improved her diet and is now looking quite lean and with a nice amount of muscle. In fact she has a reputation for training really hard but talk to her about maybe competing and she'll declare outright that she doesnt want to "diet". She's happy doing what she's doing and knows that by increasing her muscle mass her body fat is slowly melting off. I take my hat off to her for following her heart and sticking with what she believes in and enjoys. Go Miss M.

So the classes today and the persistent rain yesterday have thrown my training a bit out of whack. I havent done a 5km run this weekend but I did burn 657 calories this morning. Mind you I cant claim to have eaten well this weekend so probably no real gains made again.

I have an appointment with my GP for a check-up tomorrow and I plan to discuss my eating issues with him in the hope that he can steer me in the right direction for some much needed help.

Good night all


PS Kristy I havent forgotten about my tag. I just need to get organised for it. Will post it soon.

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