Thursday, May 29, 2008


My doctor has given me the rest of the week off to rest and recover from this lurgy. Here's how my day went.

7.20am Wake up - oops we've overslept.

7.20 - 7.50am - rush around making BS's breakfast, help him clean his teeth and supervise him getting dressed (left to his own devices we would have made it to school for morning recess time), get dressed, teeth, make-up - the bare essentials

7.50am - off to school (my breakfast will have to wait)

8.40am - head off home after checking into the office and cancelling my attendance at a meeting today

9.00am - post office to pick up a parcel - there's already a queue WTF

9.20 - arrive home STARVING!!!!

9.30 - eat breakfast and read the paper - aaaaaaah this is relaxing

Then put on a load of washing (including sheets) and get stuck into ironing whilst watching Kylie and Larry.

12noon - its a glorious day so a half hour walk is in order. Its not a training session as I dont push hard but its good to be moving and out in the beautiful fresh air

12.30 - make lunch and talk to WH who is in Melbourne and is calling to hear how I am :-)

1.00 - eat lunch and check emails

1.20 - clean shower whilst having a shower

1.30 - 2.15 - get dressed again, tidy up the cyclonic mess in the house, bring washing in, get organised to pick BS up from school

2.15 - off to do school pick-up

3.30 - arrive at mum and dad's with BS so my aunty and uncle can spend some time with him (they have no grandchildren so their time with BS is very special and precious).

3.45 - coffee time at mum and dad's. mum has the (horrible) biscuits out as they are trying to lose weight. I make up my snack of yogurt, vanilla WPI, psyllium husks and 1/2 banana and have 2 mugs of herbal tea. I'm satisfied and have not touched the biscuits (not hard today).

5.45 - arrive home and get stuck into more chores: make BS's bed up, dusting, unload dishwasher, feed cat and on and on and on

6.45 - dinner time and hop onto blogger

The day isnt over.

We still have bath time, reading to listen to, blogs to read, maybe some more cleaning and then spending time with WH if he makes it home from Melbourne today.

Phew I'm glad I had the day off so I could rest and recover LOL.

Cheers all



Kek said...

When I was really sick once, I can remember my (male) doctor telling me to go home and rest. Yeah, right. I had an 8 year old, a 3 year old and a baby.

Love the cleaning the shower whilst having a shower method. I think that's a Mum thing. LOL.

Charlotte Orr said...

phew, what a busy day! Hope you are feeling better soon

Magda said...

Hi Kek, about that "cleaning the shower whilst having a shower" thing .... is there any other way??

Thanks Charlotte, I plan to be better for the weekend, thats for sure :-)



Anonymous said...

Hey M!! Still reading your blog with a passion - love your daily posts x

Ali said...

Don't you love days off, well if your well enough to enjoy them, I had the week off because I seriously decided to Spring clean my house :)Well that and I had to take my kids to various appointments as well as myself. I loved it!!

have a great weekend!!

Ali xx

Magda said...

Hi Miss Tank,

I always check in on your blog too. Am following your comp prep with interest (sort of wish it was me again but need to get my sanity back this year then look out Figure world!!)

Thanks Ali, nice to have you back :-)