Sunday, May 11, 2008


Here I am enjoying a nice lazy start to the day. A beautiful card from my boy, breakfast on its way and even Miss Moneypenny our feline was snuggling in on the action. Just puuuurfect :-)

My mum and I having a little drink before dinner. WH did a superb job of cooking a 3 course meal. I hardly did a thing.

So Mothers Day started with breakfast in bed and a leisurely read of the papers while WH went out for a long run. I skipped my training session today but will make it up during the week.

Late morning, my best friend Miss E picked me up and we went Factory Outlet shopping. I bought a long sleeved black T shirt and a tote bag which is perfect in size, shape and style. Lucky me. There were some really nice clothes that I almost bought but resisted as I HATE shopping for clothes when I'm this fat.

When we got home Miss E and I had a little drink together and not long after my mum and dad arrived for dinner. My WH cooked a superb dinner of:

Chick pea and chorizo soup

Herbed roast lamb with roast potatoes and veges

Sticky date puddings with vanilla ice cream.

Everything was really delicious (even if it wasnt lean and clean).

I must confess that I'm a bit tipsy after having some of my favourite (winter) liqueur - Benedictine - and some nice rose style wine.

Well tomorrow is a good day to get back into clean eating and training.

Hope all the other mums had a lovely day too.




little rene said...

You look really beautiful in the photo with your Mum Magda. White really suits you :)

I can sympathise with you about not wanting to shop. I am starting to feel impatient about wanting to get back to normal as well. It is such a struggle when you are sleep deprived :(

Kristy said...

What a lovely mothers day Magda... I love all the photos and Mmmmm Sticky Date Pudding sounds delicious.

Magda said...

Thanks Rene. I agree, buying big clothes is no fun and can sympathise about being impatient.

Kristy the SDPs were very yummy. I do love my sweets and desserts :-)