Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Last night I ate my dinner a little late and was quite hungry for it as you’d expect. What I didn’t expect though was to feel hungry again an hour later. What the!! My metabolism must have gone into overdrive (here’s hoping!!)

This morning I trained chest and arms which means I’m now tired all over. Its such a nice tired feeling though. You know the one where you’re tired because you’ve really pushed your muscles and aerobic system out of their comfort zones. I was happy to report to Miss D that I was quite ok after last night and I’m looking forward to next week already. She confirmed what a hard session that was so I don’t feel like a loser because I couldn’t do it all.

Well its time to eat some lunch now so I’ll stop waffling. Hope everyone is travelling well. I’m keeping up with blogs, albeit it very quickly over the last few days.

Cheers all



Antigone said...

Hi there hun,
Don't you just love that feeling! Oh I am so happy when I get that 'nice' tire feeling got it going right now but I can also feel some BIG DOMS setting in to hehe
I hope that your revved and ready go for the rest of the week :)

Magda said...

Yes Em I'm revved and ready to go running again tomorrow with another speed session planned. I just hope the rain holds off or is light enough so as not to drench me. Yep I'm a wuss but then I've always admitted that I AM a princess LOL

:-) Magda