Monday, July 02, 2007


Due to circumstances out of my and Josh’s control I didn’t get my new 12 week nutrition program until late Friday night. EEGADS!! At first glance I thought it was totally unworkable. Then I pulled myself together and had a good think about it and started finding ways to make it work. There will be quite a bit of toing and froing before its all sorted out and with Josh off line this week I’m just doing my best with what I have and what I know.

So its been a bit of a shaky start. Whilst I haven’t done anything “wrong”, I don’t think I’ve done everything “right” either, if that makes sense. I think this week will be a classic case of “suck it and see” and maybe some of next week too but after that I should be able to establish a new routine and just get on with it.

So last night I had a mega cook up for meals this week. The cottage cheese + rice cakes and diet yogurt have gone to be replaced with meat/protein + veges so that means more cooked meals as salad doesn’t inspire much at this time of year. Its also means a re-think of training times to fit in with nutrition requirements and my head really was in quite a spin.

We had a super busy weekend, hence I didn’t get on my blog to post progress pics. Shame really but I will still endeavour to do so. I’ll put my stats up then too but I’ll just say that Josh was happy with where I’m at for the start of 12 weeks. We had friends over for an early 4th of July dinner on Saturday night. I made jambalaya, Cajun chicken and a huge green salad which was prefect for me (minus the jambalaya). Then everyone had fruit stuffed French toast with Sara Lee vanilla ice cream for desert while I sipped my hot lemon drink. I wasn’t even tempted to indulge – a feeling I better get used to!! Needless to say several bottles of red wine were emptied but I stuck to Diet Coke and the hot lemon drink and had one cup of tea with a little soy milk. I was so hungry at the end of the night though – another feeling I better get used to!!

I have one more bit of news from the weekend. I quit my classes!! Recently I haven’t been enjoying them as much as before and they are a major time commitment which right now I don’t want to make. So I finish up next Sunday and this will free up about 5 hours a week which I can spend with my family or devote to prep (well just a little). I’m happy with this decision as my priorities are so different now and it was worth it just to have WH so happy and BS saying “I love you mummy” when WH said I’d be home on Sunday mornings :-)

82 days and counting - feeling good!!

Cheers all


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