Friday, July 13, 2007


Firstly there is the lovely Miss D. Miss D is a runner and a good runner at that as she has competed in some big events. Miss D has taken an interest in my prep from an early stage. She understands the psychology and demands of a serious training schedule. She knows what its like to need to lose weight for an event (probably so she can run just that little bit faster) when your body just wants to hang on to every little bit of fat it holds. She has shared my anxieties and fears about not achieving the smaller goals along the way. She has given me heaps of positive comments and encouragement and I thank her sincerely for this.

Then there is the lovable Mr V. Mr V was preparing to compete some time ago but had to give up when he became seriously ill. He knows first hand what I’m going through and shows great interest in my progress and achievements. After last week’s disastrous events he came to ask me, in a very serious tone, if I was alright. When I said “yes and I kept up my training and dieting” he was noticeably relieved and happy for me. He also said that having that “distraction” to focus on probably helped me get through that awful week and I think he’s right. I certainly knew that chucking it all in would only have made me feel even worse.

I also love Mr “comedy man” D. Inspired by my story of my goals and what my training involves, Mr D started taking the stairs to our office every day (we’re on the 11th floor). He’s now proudly boasting about how much fitter he feels and how much less back/hip pain he has. Now if I can just get Mr D to stop eating the chinese takeaways, custard tarts, chocolate bars, biscuits and other nasties he consumes then I’ll be happy. But in his defence, Mr D doesn’t need to lose any weight, however that crap will catch up with him in time.

Today I have the day off training which I haven’t enjoyed for a long time. I’ve cashed in my “take a day off to rest your legs” decree from Josh and we slept in til 6.30am :-) HOOWEE. What a luxury. Mind you its not a day off from dieting but that’s going ok. My calories were up a bit yesterday due to the timing of training/PWO shakes and meals and just eating regularly during the day. I posted this in my training diary last night and asked Josh if that was ok. His reply: “treat it as a splurge day” LOL!! Sorry Josh, my idea of a splurge day is toast dripping with butter for breakfast, a cappuccino and bran muffin for morning tea, a toasted foccacia for lunch and one of my fave pasta dishes for dinner…..oh and don’t let me forget, a couple of reds to wash that down with. NOW THAT’S A SPLURGE DAY!!

Cheers all



Kristy said...

Magda your so lucky to work with so many supportive people. I haven't found anyone yet that understands, but I don't mind, I have so many supportive people online, which is great.

Quick question, I was just wondering if you have any favourite eating out places where you can easily eat on plan with?

Have a great weekend


Nic said...

Hi Magda,
Sounds like you are travelling fantasticallly well at the moment despite all your challenges. It is great to see.
We can only keep trying to encourage our coworkers to do the right thing but for many it is just too hard but as they say 'anything worth doing is hard work'. Keep up the great work, Nic