Wednesday, July 04, 2007


On Tuesday my mum was taken to hospital with a suspected heart attack. On her insistence, Dad rang to tell us after we got home from work. She went in late morning. I grabbed a precooked meal from the fridge, heated it up, ate it (a bit earlier than planned) and went to pick up my Dad so we could go in to see her. She said she felt fine but had undergone several tests. I was relieved that she looked ok. Her doctor had said it wasnt an actual heart attack. (I suspected different). When I got home from the hospital I sat with my WH and fiiled him in on everything I knew and then did some prep/organisation for the next day. Posing practice: missed.
Last night while we slept in our beds we were broken into and my handbag (with purse & all personal IDs + credit cards etc), both sets of house + car keys and my work car were stolen. We spent the day on the phone cancelling everything, organising locks to be changed, chasing info and just trying to come to terms with what had happened.
Late morning I rang the hospital to get an update on Mum and she told me that her hospital doctor had confirmed that she'd had a heart attack yesterday. She is still in, awaiting further tests tomorrow.
I can safely say that today has been one of the worst days of my life. Although having said that I'm pleased to say that I stuck to my diet but my meal timing was a bit off track at times. I missed my gym session for back and legs and I didnt teach my classes but managed cardio in the morning (before realising we'd been broken into). I'm aiming to do a modified back/legs session at home tomorrow as I have the day off because BS wont be at kindy.
In the past something like this would have driven me straight to the junk food for "comfort" at the end of the day so I'm pleased I didnt lapse back into those old habits. Under the circumstances I think I coped well.
Now its time to hit the sack as its very late and I must try to sleep. Looking forward to a better day tomorrow.


Jaime-lee said...

OMG Magda, geez mate some one is really testing your patience....Im really angry to hear some sad low lying dog had the goul to break in and take your belongings! WHILE you were in the house! thats scary. But so happy to hear that the family is safe.

your mum is in my prayers and Im thinking of you at this time. I havent been on email yet, il check tonight and write you.

Have an AWESOME day and Well done for sticking to your plan in these bad times your a STRONG Mamma!

Jaime x

stacytoby said...

Oh Magda, when it rains it pours doesn't it?

Stay positive about your mum, I have learnt that the sick really do feel when you feel down, and it doesnt help them at all. Your strength will give them strength.


Splice said...

Sorry to hear about your Mum, I truely hope she is going to be okay.
I have no idea why it seems that everything goes wrong whilst in comp prep (not really the case all the time but just seems like it), but the way through this is to try and focus on the positives. One positive that I can see id your physique, you look fantastic :-)
Hang in there hun and keep us informed about your mum.

Ali said...

So sorry to hear about your mum, and what a hassle with the break in.

Gope your mum is is well and truly on the mend.


Pip said...

Oh goodness! What a horrible day!
Best wishes to your Mum. I must say I REALLY admire you to sticking to your plan regards this. Best luck for things to improve from now!