Monday, July 16, 2007


I’ve just had the BEST weekend living the life of a girl with time on her hands to do what she wants, when she wants. What a luxury!! Here’s what I did:

On Friday afternoon I took my WH to the airport and bade him a fond farewell. Then it was home to tidy up and get ready for a big Girls’ Night In. My 4 best friends came over for dinner and a few wines and some serious girl talk. I stuck to my comp diet and drank Diet Coke and herbal teas and still had a great time. We even did my update pics late in the evening and I’ve never laughed so much when striking the required poses for them. Needless to say the girls were impressed with the changes in my physique too.

Saturday was a whirl of activity. I met a friend who now lives in Perth and was back in Adelaide for the weekend. We had such a great chat and she really understood my desire and motivation to compete this year. It left me feeling so good about what I was doing. I also got along to an RPM class but sadly found it very disappointing. I felt like I was pushing myself hard (at times the pedals just wouldn’t turn I had to my tension set high to challenge me) but I just couldn’t crack a sweat. I had trouble understanding the instructor and I seemed to have a bike with a really heavy tension dial. In just a 1 mm turn it went from moderately hard to impossible!! Very frustrating. I get a much better work out form my runs and sprint.

I also did lots of vege shopping and spent Saturday night being a domestic goddess preparing meals for both myself and WH. I felt so organised when it was all done and I had 12 PWO meals of roo chilli and 9 chicken curries ready to freeze. And I didn’t even sample the lasagne I made for WH.

On Sunday I hit the gym for a workout with no pressure to get through it quickly and race off home or to work. Another one of life’s luxuries!! Then I took myself shopping as I had to replace some of the things which were in my bag that was stolen and I decided to treat myself with an early birthday present. I bought a body hugging white knitted top (I love white in winter!!) and some new jeans in a SIZE 9!!!!!!!!! Freakin’ hell I’ve never worn a size 9 jean and I’m just over the moon.

My WH and BS arrived home late in the evening and it was fantastic to have them back. I enjoyed the bachelorette life for 2 days but I wouldn’t give my family up for anything.



Kristy said...


Congratulations on the size 9 jeans. That's a great achievement. And what a wonderful weekend you had. It's nice having time to yourself occassionaly.

Are you up for sprints tomorrow morning?


Anonymous said...


That's awesome Magda. ALL the hard work has paid off. You should be so proud of yourself.

Ali said...

It sure is nice sometimes to have time to yourself, I think it makes you appreciate what you do have as well, Congratulations on your jeans!!!

Have a wonderful week