Monday, July 02, 2007


So here they are. The first pic was taken almost a month into my training. I'd lost about 4 kgs by then. (Nice cabinet hey??!!) Imagine how bad I looked with the extra 4kgs...eeeeuw :-(

The 2nd pic is me with 12 weeks to go, taken on Sunday 1st July.

My stats were:

Starting weight (2/12/06): 72.6kgs

Body fat on the Tanita scales: 31.6%

Weight on 29/6/07: 60.6kgs

Body fat done with pinch test: 16.3% (I like that!!)

Centimetres lost:

Bust: 10


Hips: 12

Thighs: 8.5

This didnt happen overnight but I just kept plugging away at the good eating and training hard. I fell off the wagon MANY times but always picked myself up and got back on again. I'm happy with how far I've its time to crank it up and really make a difference.



combatgirl said...

You look awesome Magda!!

Keep up the good work.

Combat Girl

Hilary said...

Magda you are looking fantastic!! Congrats on all you have achieved so far, so much hard work and dedication!

Roll on the next 12 weeks!!

Hilary xx

Ali said...

What an acomplishment!! a picture tells a 1000 words, does it not!!

Awesome results Magda, have a wonderful week and bring it on I say!!


Kristy said...

Well Done Magda, The results are fantastic. Keep up the great work.


Pip said...


Great pics & definition! If my stomach looks as great as yours does in your 'before' shot when I reach 68kg I'll be rapt! But you are looking absolutely incredible now!!! Well done!


LizN said...

Dear Magda,

Nice going baby :) Well done :)


Nic said...

Hey Magda,
You've made such fantastic progress & already looking great at start. You'll look even more fabulous in 12 weeks. Well done & good luck! Nic

jodie said...

Awesome pics, they really do show off your hard work and acheivements so far. Good luck for your prep!!

Splice said...

You look incredible!! Well done Magda you must be sooo happy with how far you have come.

little rene said...

Yay Magda!

Great results :)