Thursday, July 12, 2007


My BS’s laugh. My BS hugging me around the neck and saying “we love each other”. My BS coming out with another witty and intellectual comment…..or maybe just my BS.

Compliments from my WH – whether they’re about my dedication, my achievements so far or just something positive – it all helps.

A really intense cardio session where I crack the 9/10 and then feel I have nothing left to give. Look out afterwards. I’m so high, I’m literally bouncing off the walls.

Hitting a new PB with my weight training. Whether its with an increase in weight or just more reps – any improvement is celebrated (within).

Seeing the number go down on the scales. I know its just a number and weight is made up of so much more but its still a great feeling.

Breakfast. Favourite meal of the day.

Getting into a nice warm – hot bed at the end of a day.

Ticking off the days where I’ve stayed on program until comp day. The more ticks the more :-)

Being organised.

Days off work.

Taking this journey to achieve this dream. Thanks Josh and all the wonderful ladies in blogland. Your support, encouragement and expert guidance are greatly appreciated.

As of today I am a (semi) retired aerobics instructor. I have agreed that the centre can call on me to do fill-ins but realistically I wont be available much til after the comps. Never mind. I don’t believe in burning bridges so if I can help out in future, I will. I got some lovely compliments from my regulars and I left on a warm and fuzzy note (although I was glad to be finishing up).

With all the turmoil of last week and then having MIL visiting the cardio has suffered lately. Whilst I’ve not missed a session, I have found that too many of my sessions were not intense enough and this will not help my body fat loss or tone my legs. So my goal for the following week (starting Saturday) is 2 x RPM on the weekend (more about this later) and then 2-3 x early morning sprint sessions and 2 rides on the exercise bike (1 sprint, 1 steady state). This has me doing cardio every day (which I usually do) and I just need to schedule things smartly to allow for the 2 days I’m having off work on Thursday and Friday.

My WH will be away this weekend and I will be “baching it". I’ve got my friends coming over on Friday night for dinner and drinks (Diet Coke for me!). Then I’ll be getting my arse off to RPM on the weekend which is a huge treat for me. I can train when/where I want, do a load of vege shopping and prepare food til my fridge is groaning. I can read the paper when I want, eat when I need to and slob around in uggies and trackies or hit the local Westfield for some retail therapy. The possibilities are endless and I’m looking forward to it with delight and anticipation.

Aaaah its funny what I get excited and happy about these days LOL

Cheers all



Kie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, must have had something to do with Josh going away LOL. Enjoy your night with the girls and I'm really happy that your Mum is ok.
Kie xx

Kristy said...

Magda, thanks for your comments (I try to keep telling myself I will get there, but it is hard, I think Liz's program will help though) and yes it would be great if I could borrow that book. A little motivational reading would be great right now.

btw how do you know Hayzer. I noticed you are on his mailing list as well.