Thursday, July 19, 2007


Nothing terribly exciting to report today. I had the day off to spend with BS as its nearing the end of school holidays. We visited a friend who had a baby 2 weeks ago. What a beautiful little bundle she was all softness and baby smells :-)

Then we met a friend from BS's school so they could have a play together and I got to know the mum a bit better. She was lovely and we had a nice chat and I hope our boys stay friends even though they'll be in different classes next term.

Then it was errands and chores resulting from the break-in and another more recent (less serious) incident and grocery shopping by which time I was cold and fed up and just wanted to be back home.

I stayed on track with my food today by basically taking it with me or ducking home to heat something up before it was on to the next task. I thought I did really well. Trained shoulders and bis this morning and still have cardio to do tonight but thats ok as it gives my legs a rest til then, from last night.

Tomorrow is the eve of my birthday (July 21st) so mum, BS and I are heading out for a bit of a splurge shopping spree for me. I'm even having lunch out but as I know where we'll be eating I already know what I'll order and then I'll just modify my other meals slightly to enjoy that "indulgence". Its all good and I have everything under control as I want that big black tick at the end of the day. Anyway I have Saturday night's "free meal" to look forward to which will be just awesome.

65 days and getting closer!!

Cheers all


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Anyone out there????

How are you Magda?