Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This morning everyone was up early as it was time for MIL to take our BS back to Brissie with her for the rest of the week. He will have a lovely holiday there with her, Granddad, 2 dogs and 2 cats. He was so excited about going and we will miss him. Our place will be too quiet and I’ll have no-one to nag in the mornings LOL

I ate out last night. MIL offered to shout us dinner out as I’d made a bit of a booboo and didn’t have any meat to prepare for dinner. Coupled with the fact that we had a visitor until it was dinner-time, made for a perfect eat-out situation. So I quickly suggested one of the local pubs where you can get 1 piece of grilled butterfish and they have a salad bar. Whilst my portions wouldn’t have been exactly as prescribed, they weren’t far off and all the food was on plan (once I’d scraped a thin coating – probably flour – off the fish). So I ate my tiny meal, drank my Diet Coke and thought of comp day while everyone around me tucked into everything nasty and fattening.

Training was quite late in the evening too but I was NOT going to miss the session. It wasn’t my best chest workout though. I think I felt a bit under pressure with the late start so my focus wasn’t 100% on the workout. However I improved as the session progressed. Then it was time to tackle a range of “must-do” domestic chores before hitting the sack WAY too late.

Its still very early days in the 12 week lead-up but I’m feeling good. Yes I’m tired a lot of the time but not chronically so. Its manageable. My training schedule is still very manageable too and I’m coping well. I do get a bit grumpy and short-tempered at times but I try to pull myself together and not let fly, well some of the time anyway LOL. My friend who visited last night (who I haven’t seen for quite a few weeks) commented on how small I was looking. This is music to my ears and I feel good being smaller. All of my size 10 pants are loose, my size 8s are no longer snug and at last weigh I was sitting under 59kgs – the least I’ve ever weighed as an adult.

74 days and counting!!

Cheers all



combatgirl said...

Keep up the good work Magda.

Don't let the way other people eat make you feel like you are missing out. You aren't. Even if you weren't competing eating small portions and healthy food is far better for you than the crap most people shove down their throats.

You are focused and have a goal, BE PROUD.

RaeC said...

Way to go on the eating out challenge and I agree with CombatGirl... how can focussing on your goals and achieving your dream of competing be considered missing out??? Keep up the awesome progress xxx

Hilary said...

Wow Magda you are so strong! I admire your willpower and determination, especially when eating out!

Hope you're not missing BS too much, he will be home before you know it!

Hilary xx

Cheryl said...

You showed amazing willpower not sure if I would have done so well.
Are you competing on 14 Oct as well? This will be my first comp. Getting below that 60kg mark is a great feeling. Please keep posting I would love to keep up with your progress. Where are you getting your suit from?

Magda said...

Thanks for the praise and encouragement ladies. Its really appreciated.


I'm not doing the INBA show (bad timing for me). I'm doing NABBA/WFF on the 22nd and WNBF on the 30th and then heading off for a family holiday. I've been recommended to see SuziQ for my costume.
Good luck with your prep too. I'll be watching INBA, just wont be up on stage (I'll be too fat by then LOL)

Cheers Magda

Maraina said...

Great work Magda! Terrific post.


Cheryl said...

Great I cant wait to watch. I would love to compete in the earlier comps (just so I can diet less)but I will be too fat! I just hope I am doing enough to be ready by Oct but for your first comp you can never be 100% sure. What song are you doing your routine too?