Thursday, July 26, 2007


After a very strong first quarter where my enthusiasm was sky high, my dedication was unquestionable and I embraced each day with passion and vigour……I’m now hobbling along.

So whats different?

Work is busy with meetings and travel. This means I cant always eat every 3 hours so my energy slumps and I get cranky. Also little things I used to do in my stolen breaks at work just aren’t getting done. My Training Journal is not up to date and I haven’t been on CalKing since Thursday last week. I feel like I’m losing control of all the little things that make up my prep.

The pressures of work have left me feeling a bit overwhelmed and sorry for myself. Feeling dead tired last night my mind was full of thoughts of “woe is me / I’m too tired to train / I need a GOOD feed” etc. I battled through them but last week I wouldn’t even have had such negative feelings.

My strength is definitely decreasing. Josh has told me this is normal as my cals are low so I’m not letting this get me down but it spills over into every day life and I’m dragging myself around somewhat more than usual (not a good look)

Now to be totally honest….I don’t think my body is improving enough to make it for the 22nd September. Yes I’m skin and bones (oh and there’s muscle there too) on my upper body but the legs just aren’t coming to the party. I knew they’d always be my problem area and a huge challenge to tighten up but I just don’t know why they seem to be doing nothing. I have little/no arse but the tops of my thighs more than make up for this. Every day is leg day with either some form of resistance training and/or cardio and I feel like I work hard in my sessions but I’m at a loss to find something that will make a difference. My scale weight went up a little after the weekend (well Sunday night I’m sure) and that annoyed me too as my abs don’t look as flat and lean as before. …..

Oh listen to me whinge and moan and groan. But you know what, that’s how I feel right now so that’s what I’ll write about. No point just crapping about it all being good if I’m going through a slump.

:-( Magda

PS Despite all this I’m still ticking boxes and doing what I have to do, just not feeling so great about it.


Kristy said...

Great work Magda. It's great that even though you don't feel like it you still are doing what needs to be done. Feel positive and the results will come. 22 September is still a while away and I have heard that you notice the biggest changes towards the end.

Sorry that I dragged behind today. Hopefully after a restful weekend I should be good again.

LizN said...

I hope you are eating enough and that you are not carb depleted.

Liz N

Anonymous said...

Magda, I'm with you! I feel like crap as well. I figure that if I just focus on one day at a time I feel better and it doesn't seem quite so huge a task. Send me a PM if you want a chat.

Kie said...

Magda go back to the first photo's you sent through to Josh and look at you now. Chin up girl you have improved and you will keep improving everyday. One foot in front of the other because you know you can do this (-:
Kie xx