Friday, July 06, 2007


Phew what a week this has been. To really put some icing on the cake - or how to make a bad week even worse - my WH stated that he didnt want our cleaner to clean for us anymore. We didnt know her when we hired her and so there is always some risk with allowing a stranger into your home. Basically it is a risk he no longer wants to take. We have some talking and sorting out of chores to work out as there is NO WAY that I'll be doing all the cleaning from here on. But I know we'll work it out.

My MIL (mother-in-law) arrived from Brissie tonight and we had a simple but lovely dinner for the family. I juggled my meals today so I had a little extra protein at night and with a decent serve of veges, my meal didnt look as tiny as usual. It was a lovely night. Tomorrow will be a different story as we all go to my SIL's for a French dinner - vol au vents for entree - something decadent for mains that I didnt catch - and a fruit flan for desert. I told SIL I'll take my own food as she wanted to prepare a separate meal for me (bless her) but its just easier to take what I've prepared. Hmmm wonder how I'll handle that??

So as I sit here wrapping up this week I can proudly say that the only session I missed this week was my 30 mins of posing practice on Tuesday night (when I found out mum was in hospital and I went to see her). I still managed cardio every day and all my weights sessions, with only back/legs needing to be modified due to mum being in hospital. Nutrition has been wobbly in terms of meal timing but I havent eaten anything I shouldnt have. I'm really pleased with how this week has gone, under these difficult circumstances.

Oh and to end on a happy note: my size 11 jeans are now baggy. In fact, without a belt they are falling off me - and that, I'm sure you agree, would put a smile on any (figure) girl's face :-)

Cheers all

Magda - ready to tackle Week 2 (or 11 weeks out)


LizN said...

Good job Magda, despite all the difficulties, you are getting there.

jodie said...

Wow Magda just reading your very eventful/stressful week. You did extremely well to stay strong and to plan. You showed you can may it work no matter what. What great lessons for everyone!!
Hope the next week is less stressful -- keep up the fantastic work!