Monday, July 09, 2007


This weekend seemed to go in a blink. I had a killer leg session on Saturday. Although I’m still on the 5 exercise supersets and doing the max number of reps in each set, I found a way to make it a bit harder (place back foot against door frame when lunging). Well I was just about collapsing by the end of each set. I followed this up with a 30 minute jog in Arctic conditions. Talk about a cold and strong headwind :-( That was one session I was glad to be finishing.

We went to SIL’s for the French dinner and I took my food as required. It felt a bit weird but I’m sure I’ll be used to it real soon. It was a good night even if I didn’t drink or have the yummy food she’d prepared.

Yesterday I taught my last Sunday classes and I’m feeling surprisingly good about giving up this major part of my life. In fact I probably taught with a heap more passion and enthusiasm knowing that it was the last time. Some of my regulars were shocked that I was leaving but they understood why and were all supportive.

Then in the afternoon we went for an easy hike at Morialta Falls. It was lovely there. Very fresh (read that: cold!!) and quite invigorating. We climbed some stairs too so there was a nice bit of incidental exercise thrown in as well. We also went to Stirling for afternoon tea and found a lovely organic café. I ate my salmon + salad (WH was appalled!!) and had a herbal tea.

So week 2 of prep is underway. With MIL here there is some more juggling and rescheduling of training and meals but I’m managing ok. Tomorrow morning she goes back to Brissie, taking our BS with her for the rest of the week. That’ll be strange but will give me more flexibility with training etc. Its shaping up to be another non-typical week but it makes it all the more interesting and rewarding when you know you’ve stayed on track despite obstacles being in your way.

Til tomorrow folks


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