Friday, July 27, 2007


Today's title best describes what I'm going through now.

After I posted my blog entry yesterday I had my skinfolds done and I was very happy with my drop in bodyfat over the last 2 weeks. This had me on a high for the rest of the day. This morning I weighed and measured and again the result was good and I was buzzing :-)

So why then did I pine all day for the crap food served up at a workshop I was attending today?? Was it because the venue was cold and therefore I was cold and wanting "warm-up" food? Was it because I just wanted to indulge and be "one of the gang" instead of the "skinny chick eating wierd food at wierd times"? Was it because I just wanted to feel satisfied after a meal (instead of wanting to eat 2 or 3 times what I'm allowed)?

It was a hard day and I did "nibble" on a couple of mouthfuls of stuff I wouldnt normally have. I was really torn.

Anyway I fell off the wagon when I came home. WH is out tonight. BS is sick and has been sleeping on the sofa and has now gone to bed and I've been eating.

So just how "perfect" does a comp prep have to be for me to make it to the stage in 8 weeks time? This is what I'll be talking to Josh about next week and looking for some strategies to get through these harder times.

Thank you Kristy, Liz, Kerry and Kie for your words of encouragement and support on my last post. I'll bounce back up again I'm sure. Just hope I'm not down here for too long.



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