Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Yes I know its Tuesday and my birthday was on Saturday but things have been busy busy!!

On Friday mum, BS and I went out for the day so I could do some indulgent birthday shopping. I bought some black pants and was over the moon when the 8s fitted. Then it was a new pair of red boots….hoowee…. and a knitted black dress which looks really hot!! Shopping at this size is an absolute dream and delight. I had a ball. We had lunch out at a cafeteria and I ordered a Thai squid salad with dressing on the side. It looked creamy so I didn’t touch it. The squid was yummy and I ate a lot of salad and adjusted the rest of my meals so I was still on track with food that day.

Saturday was a funny day with only loose plans and then finding we had not enough time for “x” and we’re too early for “y”. I trained chest/shoulders and tris and did the minimum cardio so I wasn’t too far behind with my training for the rest of the week. In the afternoon we went to Varekai which was a great show.

Then finally Saturday evening rolled around and I got enjoy real food like a normal person. WH took me to a lovely posh restaurant where exquisite food is served in tiny-small serves. It was just what the boss (Josh) ordered. I even had a bread roll with butter (yum) and a few wines, a cappuccino and desert. And I didn’t feel at all stuffed or anything else bad. In fact I felt FANTASTIC!!!

On Sunday morning WH and I went for a 5km run and although I didn’t use my stopwatch I clocked my time in the 27 minute range. This is an absolute PB for me and I was on cloud 9 and going higher!! Although I was having thoughts of not eating back on plan, I didn’t give in to them and was straight back into the oats for breakfast and lean protein + veges for lunch.

I did have a slip up on Sunday night though. After being out all arvo and longer than expected I had no food with me for my arvo snack. We arrived at my mum and dad’s for my family birthday dinner and I was starving and still in a bit of a celebratory mood and I started on the nibbles….and didn’t stop. Yes I ate way more than I should have and didn’t stick to the chicken and veges as I’d planned. I guess I’m only human and I failed this time but hey all is good and back on track again…which is the only thing that matters now.

Work was mega busy yesterday and my meals weren’t 3 hours apart so subsequently I had 1 less meal than usual. I guess that’s not such a bad thing after Sunday night. Today its all back to normal and I feel like the damage, if any, is minimal. I didn’t train on Sunday so now I have to be really dedicated to not miss a weights session during the week but things are on track so far.

I’m travelling to the country for work tomorrow so I’ll be back to blog on Thursday unless by some miracle I mange it tomorrow night.

Cheers all



LizN said...

Happy Birthday Magda :)


Hilary said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday celebration, happy birthday!!!

Well done on the PB!

Hilary xx

Kie said...

Happy B'day Magda. Yum Yum that sounded delicious.
Kie xx

Pip said...

Lots of us seem to be having birthday's round this time of year! Happy birthday!!!

Size 8, - WOW! I agree, - it is fantastic when able to fit into smaller sizes and shopping and trying on new things is a delight! Well done with the hard work, keeping control and all! Very inspirational!


Ali said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! for Saturday, sounds like you had a good one ;)