Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I’ve just cruised around my favourite blogs and seen the pics from the INBA All Females show. I am in awe of the competitors that graced the stage at this event. They look absolutely fantastic with bodies they can truly be very proud of showing off. Congratulations to Shar who’s journey I’ve followed for some time and also Jacinta (a client of Josh Dickinson too). Ladies you looked magnificent and your results (2nd and 1st in your divisions respectively) are well deserved.

So how am I feeling right now?

Nervous!! Nervous that I wont be lean enough. Nervous that my legs wont lean down and tighten up. Nervous that I may not have enough muscle development on my back. Nervous that my posing might be crappy and nervous that my routine will stink.

Yesterday I was on a high. All positive and gung-ho and today I’m doubting myself. Am I training hard enough? Am I focussed enough? Am I competitor material or just a sad wannabe?



Kie said...

Hi Magda,
I felt the same as you, it makes it all real doesnt it. Then you question everything you're doing and have done. You know what at some stage I bet those girls felt that way and look at them, if they can do it so can we (-:
Kie xx

Anonymous said...

stop doubting yourself MAGDA!!!

I have been following your journey and you are an inspiration and someone who has their eye on the ball and you will achieve what you have set out to do!!

Trust yourself and Josh and you will look as lean and as gorgeous as everybody else does on stage.

Stay positive!!